[Maintenance] 07/01/20 - Discussion

  • Who am I? Did you ask that question in order to belittle me in someway? You have made 953 posts at the time of my reply to you. Most people who have visited NA forums have probably seen several of your almost one thousand posts on an already small community forum. You seem to have an opinion on just about everything.

    Die hard players shouldnt have to regress to the mean for players who cant make it. Im not even sorry. I have spent so much money and years into this game that I just cant feel sorry for someone who isnt willing to make the sacrifices.I am tired of taking Ls for other people. We can express our opinions, which seems reasonable at first but what happens is Gamigo actually looks at and reads those opinions and then we see changes such as this one. Die hard players or too lazy to visit forums players remain silent when and where it counts and out of nowhere they are hit will changes that look so silly it hurts.

    I am tired of taking Ls because of silence and hoping and wishing. I am speaking up because this was a really bad move in my opinion on Gamigo's part. This was a major slap in the face and a huge offense.

    It was not to belittle you, it was a genuine question as you seemed to assume you know me in game with how you tried to tell me how I play, but glad to know its just you blindly assuming you know me.

    Why don't you stop counting my posts as I never do. Just like you, I can express my opinion, however, you don't have to attack me to express yours. As you still do not seem to understand, I want the shinny rate increased from what it is now, just not to the extreme it was before, and I would rather then keep the invisible shiny glitch out of the game. For the reasons stated.

  • Since this maintenance, and water balloon KQ got added...map d/c's EVERYWHERE!

    Random "kicks" to the login screen as well. Hell, I used a HP potion earlier today while mobbing...disconnected from server...logged back in, died ofc...used an HP stone, lagged for a second, D/C.

    Found a shiny today too...I killed it. Dropped NOTHING but a quest drop (yes, i was in level range of it) and d/c'd upon picking up my quest drop.

    Every time they add in Water Balloon KQ...the game gets extremely buggy...its irritating. Cupcake KQ wasn't this bad...but every year...water balloon KQ makes this game nearly unplayable.

    Also peoples...stop derailing the topic of discussion.

    Do you want someone with a ban hammer to come visit us and start swinging the eraser gun and hammer at us? I dont.

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