Name wipe?

  • I know Gamigo did a server wide name wipe a couple years ago, but are they doing one every few years? I’m sure there’s some inactive accounts holding some good names and I’m just tired of making chars with unoriginal names.

  • I think the last Character rename was in January 2017 and only for Characters under Level 10.

    Correct me if im wrong.

    But yes pleas, we need it again, for ALL Characters and not only under Level 10!!


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  • Hopefully this doesn't start an argument thread like the past few times...

    I mostly agree but "inactive accounts" is kind of a broad term so maybe accounts that haven't been accessed within the past year and also certain names should be barred, occasionally scammers try to use well known names or current/old staff names or even variations of well known names so this might be an issue with a name wipe.

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  • I don't believe inactivity for one year is a fair threshold for clearing names. I go on play streaks where I'll play tons for a few months then maybe not log in again for a year to a hear and a half.

    If you're going to clear names, at least set the bar at 2+ years of total inactivity (no logins at all).

    Also - would you all imagine the characters being cleared out if they hadn't been played specifically, or if the entire account had not logged in? IE: A person has 6 uniquely named characters and has logged in to play as their 2 mains without touching the other 4 chars - would those 4 chars be cleared even though the account has logged in?)

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  • I forget what the critera was for a name wipe in the past, but I remember people just simply logging in their account once so it wouldn't be wiped. But it would be nice to have another one with maybe more specific criteria.


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  • They were just given random numbers and told to pick a new name when they log in?

    Yea, thats right

    Your name would be like "-MintyGreens20-" after a Name wipe


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  • I had a couple that had to change theirs and I just logged in and backspaced the dashes and numbers and hit enter xD Meanwhile on characters I was hoping it would mean a free name change for did not get such a luxury.

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  • Dunno, I've seen several of my own characters' names on the biggest server isya, disappeared and changed to 231313 numbers from normal names that got "stolen" by gamigo. and that was within the last year or so since I logged in with my alts. so they shouldn't be stealing names if they had them to begin with. there is an unbelieve amount of ways to say things to be a unique identity without having to start wiping the names for other characters who had it from the beginning just because they feel like it.

  • I do agree with a name wipe.

    There are some “bypassed” inappropriate names running around that frankly shouldn’t have been able to be created.

    I am aware that there are players that haven’t logged in since the merge...and those names aren’t taken...but there have been a lot of people creating accounts and making “disposable” characters for power leveling purposes or party holders and “storage”.

    that being said...a full name wipe wouldn’t be a problem realistically.

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  • Heya,

    In regards to resetting names, currently there is no consideration on releasing new names.

    In regards to inappropriate names, players will be dealt with and will be forced to name change when caught.