Gladiator's Cross Counter ability

  • A few months ago a patch was added to the game which unintentionally altered the Cross Counter ability of gladiators in pvp. Before this patch, Cross Counter was an ability with a high skill cap as it required a quick reaction time for it to be useful. Before the patch, the ability would only work on Auto attacks and abilities that have significantly long animations such as Devastate, Whirlwind, Ice Field, Ice Blast, etc. Now it seems like Cross Counter can be used on all abilities and no longer requires players to have good timing to make good use of it. Since this patch I know of many players who are abusing this mechanic of the ability by using macros to instantly swap to a low level set, use cross counter to likely one shot someone, then instantly swap back to their main set in just one or two key bind presses. Some people were still using macros for the ability back then but it required the player to time the ability right before an auto attack so it wasn't nearly as easy to exploit. When fighting any class now (with the exception of mages) gladiators can randomly use cross counter and almost always land the ability. I'm not sure exactly when this change happened but I believe it was around the time that low level mage abilities got their animation times reduced. Many gladiators including myself would really like for things to go back to how they were when pvping as a gladiator required a little bit more skill than it does now.

  • well I need to check then. What lvl is it for?

    100. I believe fixing this bug (or whatever you want to call it) would fix other problems with gladiators and fighters in general such as cancelling the animation of devastate by moving immediately after casting it, a global cooldown on gladiator abilities after casting dash, and other things that seem small but have a pretty big impact on the game.

  • Imagine being bestofthebest without the cross counter ability, this guy will pop off once he bought it from the vendor. LUL

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  • Imagine being bestofthebest without the cross counter ability



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  • is cross counter only work for pvp? I try using it on mobs and it doesnt even work. I spam click it while mob is attacking me. My glad just do auto attack and didnt even use the skill. So I'm guessing it's only pvp?

  • Yes it only works in pvp which is probably why the bug hasn't gotten much attention in the forums since it doesn't affect the larger player base that is primarily pveing. Nonetheless, i'd appreciate it if someone from Gamigo at least acknowledged the bug.

  • I agree that it should be fixed so macros can’t be abused in the game, it’s very evident numerous people use it and get a nice advantage in PvP.

  • Ahahahahahahhahhahaha, so this came back then did it? That’s awesome lol.

    But really who are you kidding? Glads stopped needing a high skill cap when they removed stacking.