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  • you can not blacklist on forums. Also gifting means your are giving a friend free stuff. When you gift someone, you are willing giving them that item so gamigo will not do anything. Gifting for ingame money isnt allow. People just do it for quick money. But in the rules, gifting for money is not allow and anyone doing it does it on their own risk. Tough luck but that's the rules. Gifting was never meant to be quick and easy way to make money. It was intended to give your friends free gift, hence the word gifting. If people have to pay, it wouldn't be gifting.

  • yep, can confirm. i used to gift heavily when i had the cash to do it, because i felt a lot of players went out of their way to help people or bring positive energy to the community, so i tried to do something special for them. it was rare that i attended anyone's wedding and didn't have a present for them.

  • Actually the rules now in the ToS on gifting for in game payment is "You do it at your own risk". They will not ban either person for gifting or for paying, which used to be a thing, you could report people for gifting for in game money back in the day. Now its just "Do it at your own risk".


    I would like to clarify that this would be the In-Game Rules as opposed to the Terms of Services. The ToS would be more of the general broad guidelines for the rules overall for all Gamigo Services whilst the In-Game Rules are the finer details. Of course sometimes these rules can be adjusted by the internal team after deliberation and re-evaluation.

    Also closing the thread as per the request of the original poster.