Reaper 135 PvP Guide

  • Interesting, thanks for the guide but I'm curious why you suggest certain stat builds with end in them, you don't mention the reason so is that purely to counter str builds?

    Also isn't evasion on SC items bugged? Is that still more helpful than defense SC?

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  • To answer your question:

    I personally don't use END, hence my recommendation for DEX. END is still a viable choice and can substitute some of the survival you get with DEX. (I will add this to the guide)

    Evasion on SC is not bugged. I have been using it for the past 6 months without any issues.

    Evasion SC is much better for a reaper than defense. The reason being that your base EVA is already very high and should be nearly 6k base if you are geared properly. At this point, your evasion scales enough with the SC where it makes a huge difference and you will be missed on a lot. My reaper lands at 7,800 eva full SCed.