Unbalanced quests

  • I never said I did it as a lvl 135 cleric :/ in fact I haven't killed it on my cleric since I was like 120 for a friend.

    I meant I killed it in my low lvl 9x as a cleric in +3 greens. It is possible. Even easier when you have a party of people, specially ones who can kite or stun, though not sure on his resist anymore. This was back when he was only in the cave too, so a lot less space to maneuver.

    The point is not to solo the gosh dang monster. Get a party and coordinate. Why should the game have all mobs be balanced for soloing? It should not. Some mobs SHOULD be harder, and SHOULD require a party.

    And I disagree that is should not be a repeat. I do think it is FINE as a repeat and FINE the way it is. I am also fine with people asking for help from killers if they cannot find a group to do it with. Plenty of quests do this, plenty of people do it. It helps with good will and generating a community in this game.

    If someone wants to solo everything, there are other avenues available to them to level and do so. The game is not SOLO-ONLINE it is Fiesta Online, as in fiesta=party. And please don't misconstrue this as well, I like soloing on my own sometimes too, but I don't think the game should be balanced around a solo attitude. There is a difference between when like clerics ask to be able to solo more effectively from demanding every single quest and mob be solo-able. Just look at other games that do that and you see there is no community. Or not much of one. Fiesta offers so many DIFFERENT paths and that is appreciative (though in higher levels there are not as many leveling paths but that is because you are hitting end game content).

  • Yeah and I tanked SK on a level 1 fighter.

    I actually tested the BR mobs on a level 100 cleric with 2502 def, 1355 mdef.

    Here are some references (and yes I killed them afterwards to see if they were shinies and they were not):

    Ruby guardians (level 84 general monster) hit me for roughly 60-100 on non-crit every 6 seconds.

    Magmatons (level 89 general monster) hit me for roughly 65-100 on non-crit every 4 seconds.

    Giant magmaton (level 92 chief monster) hit me for roughly 150-300 on non-crit every 3-4 seconds.

    Fire golem (level 85 chief monster) hit me for roughly 2200-3200 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Flame ruby guardian (level 90 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4300 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Diamond tree (level 90 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4500 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Rock stone (level 92 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4800 on non-crit every 3 seconds, and has an additional chance to stun.

    At that point it isn't about being in a party it is about balance.

    You can test this yourself if you don't believe me.

    If you still think this is "balanced" for the average level 85-95 player and think this is the type of mob that should be a repeatable quest mob even as a party....then I have no idea how you define balance...

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  • I have not tried in over 8 years I believe, on any of those mobs except with my archer or with a killer, as it is soooo easy now to level I hardly deal with any of them.

    It is what I did before. I would hit and run. I didn't stand there like a door post.

    Anyways, I believe I said not everything needs to be BALANCED to do SOLO. Being Balanced means different versions and levels of balance. There will be times where it is challenging to be a mage, or disadvantageous to be solo or to have a rough time as a glad (mdmg mobs anyone?) or to have no use as a class that does poison, archer and trick because mob resists get too high.

  • I don't see any world where an overworld mob, not a dungeon or raid boss, one-shots the tank class at the appropriate level. We are not saying that every class should be able to solo every mob in the game. We said that every quest should be able to be done with a party of the appropriate level.

    An Archer's ability to kite isn't meant to be a way simply not take damage from strong monsters. It's for an Archer to be able to handle a larger amount of monsters in a survivable way compared to a fighter being able to mob and sustain damage from multiple monsters. As such, it takes longer for the Archer to kill things. A mage kills larger numbers faster, but at the cost of survivability since they cannot kite AOEs with the ease of the Archer. This sort of give-and-take is balance.

    Workarounds that make it technically possible to kill a monster, like an Archer taking 10 minutes to kite Flame Ruby Guardian or Diamond Tree, does not mean that the quest or monster is balanced. Many raid bosses actually used to be kiteable as well, but that is not the intended way to kill them. This got changed because of the higher importance of world raid bosses over the BR bosses, but shows that just because it can be done a certain way, doesn't mean it should be done that way.




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  • -add caves in maps
    -add level limit
    -More Exp and difficulty

    And put all these "bosses"