soarh kq impossible to beat now chest regen full health. (lower lvl 95 and under)

  • Heya!

    Agree it’s 95 sorah. Ran on Pagel with 15 including one of the best KQ runners at Max level for KQ and charmed ( looking at you B_M_). Keep in mind 15 in a Pagel KQ is very rare.

    I really appreciate this piece of feedback from Pagel. Even though you don't have a full party of 15 players. The players at that level range should be sufficiently powerful, but if you guys are struggling to complete it, then this could be an issue with power balance.

    Also...perhaps it would be a good idea to look into one other mechanic with Sorah...The mumuru's hit WAY too hard...and I do mean HARD!. In previous levels of KQ, we can take the onslaught of them all on pretty much any decently scrolled and geared character...but when the Tanks get dropped and all you see is 2k - 4k hits and welp...that's all she wrote.

    In 65 - 79, they hit in the hundreds. HUGE leap in mdmg and critical hit ratio.

    But the main focus here is the box regenerating and we never being able to defeat it.

    The damage taken can tie in quite nicely with the damage being dealt issue. Damage dealt is related to the most commonly used types of weapons. In the case of the 95~105, I would pressume that those who aren't at level 105 would be using either the KQ Blues or level 90 Bellow Knight Greens. At level 105, I would presume that people would be using the LN 105 Blues more commonly than the 105 World Boss Blues.

    Since each set has different quality and different boost to stats, the out come would differ. Likewise depending on the most commonly used set of armour, the result in damage taken will vary.

    same as tempel of god, my friend and me we cant kill end boss cuz everytime he dance he get full hp again, told Kuronoke about it but no respone from him yet,

    some time you fixed a bug and ceated more bugs for you guys to fix again, this endless circle just make the game more broken

    This isn't related to the current thread. Please stay on topic and keep the focus on Sorah KQ.



  • The issue for 95-109 Sorah KQ is simple: you have to kill in a very short time window, which I consider being impossible. Then, after it respawns, its HP gets back to full.

    Put it this way: even before (when the box would NOT regenerate HP), it took on average 3 "time frames" (3 respawns) to kill it. How could we possibly do it in a single try? Even 2 "time frames" were a rare occasion.

  • Kuroneko

    I don't see how that would be an issue, as once you hit 95, you receive a HUGE jump in Mdef, and once you hit 100, you also receive a huge stat increase all around.

    NO ONE...has been farming LN don't see any gears really present on the market because you only get 1 drop...maybe 2 if 100% rant rolls it.

    Mals and Labs are the most common, and for particular classes...they remain in 95s.

    There's still no reason to watch a Glad in "Full Setup" get dropped with hits in the 2K's.

    Anyhow, we're straying off topic...

    The chest regens too quickly, and if you run a KQ with a buncha people within the staff, actual players, try to complete the KQ yourself with full +9/10/12 setup at 105 as a the front runner...scroll up, SC for def/dmg, 100% extend, and lemme know if you can successfully take the chest down.

    Thanks :-)

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  • The chest regens too quickly

    The chest regens like any other mob in the game after vanishing

    it has just too many def to kill it in time


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  • This isn't related to the current thread. Please stay on topic and keep the focus on Sorah KQ.

    it realated to the patch which monster regen hp and effect players, :( should i open an extra Topic like you said Kuro ?

  • Hey guys,

    A patch will be released to address the issue with the Sorah KQ, please stay tuned for the upcoming patches in the future.

    sven Please create a new thread or topic discussing that issue and detail the problem that are being faced by yourself and the community.