Game breaking bug hinders my progress

  • For some reason I am not able to talk to Enchanter Master Wishis. I can't take any of her quests OR buy the skills I need so I can continue upgrading them in Uruga. So I'm stuck with lower level spells.

    When trying to talk to her, the only dialogue I get is this:

    Hitting Continue only closes the window. I can't 'Give Up' the quest either. It gives me the error "Failed to give up <Destruction of Giant Crystal> quest.

    Relogging doesn't do anything either.

    What am I supposed to do? I want to upgrade my spells.

    Character: LastSorcerer

    Server: Isya

  • What level are you now?

    So you have the Destruction of Giant Crystal Quest, but it is incomplete and not letting you drop it? If you are lvl 90 or below, complete the quest. (I can potentially help as I have a runner).

    Or will need to send in a ticket to have them delete the quest from your list. It is not really a bug where the NPC does this some quests are just like that, where they take over the NPC chat and you cannot do anything until you complete it however I am not sure why you cannot give it up, that part is the bug...

  • The quest has pre-requisites, Second Tower 1 and 2 at lv 59 from Ancient Templar Maria, then at lv 64 you get Destruction of the Giant Crystal from Enchanter Master Wishis.

    All 3 quests were able to be completed and turned in.

    It took me about 6 runs through to get the quests complete as the mobs keep changing!

    I hope this helps,
  • There is definitely a bug with Wishes. I was not able to pick up the Izyel Tower quest for Ripped Pages, I don't know the name or level off-hand. This was Saturday and Sunday and it affected both remotely accepting it through quest list and manually talking to her. I was on an Archer so don't know about skills, though.

    LastSorcerer I believe there is a skill master in Sand Hill that you can get everything from for now.




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