Coming Back To Fiesta, Looking For A Guild And Friends!

  • hello! as my title says, i’m making a comeback and finally playing fiesta again after about 5 or 6 years!! even before that, i played religiously back in 2010 to about.. possibly 2013? i loved the game so much, and i had made so many good friends during those times. unfortunately i had to stop playing both times because of computer issues, and just never really picked the game back up due to launcher issues i had when reinstalling. tonight, i finally got the game installed and got this huge wave of nostalgia logging in— and i’ve decided i really want to start seriously playing again! i would love to possibly find a committed guild, and some new friends to play and level with!! i really hope to get some comments and start my old adventure back up again! lovehoney

    the characters i have are on Isya! i have a level 74 renegade, a level 60 paladin, a level 24 hawkarcher, and a level 21 wizmage!

  • Welcome back to Fiesta Online. What class do you plan on playing the most? Find me in game on Sekiryuu or Tenyasha :)

    thank you so much! i’ll want to spend most of my time on my higher level characters! i might mostly use my renegade, but i want to use my paladin as well!

  • Welcome back! If you're looking for a guild, I'd suggest you look over in the Guild section of the forums. Or even shout around you're bound to find a nice one!


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