Hey, I have a quick question....

  • Hi, recently I decided to try and get back into the game, but when I tried using my old account it was ID blocked. Now I don't personally remember being banned or being rude to anyone before I quit a long time ago, so I submitted a request ticket on the Gamigo website. I was just wondering how long they'll take to reply to it? Or if someone on here can help me instead? I also tried signing in on the account to post this thread but it said that my username doesn't exist, even though I was able to sign into it on the Fiesta homepage.

    I know it sounds bad but I really don't believe I was actually banned, or maybe I was hacked after I quit, I dunno. Also sorry if this type of thing isn't allowed on the forums, just trying to get some help getting back in to a great game I played for many years. Thank you.

  • if u quit during the merge, they your account is block. You need to summit a ticket and ask them to unblock it. If its a ban, then make a new account. Cause they do not unban you.

  • chilicheese Hey! If you quit awhile back chances are your account was blocked after Password reset they did. So you did right by sending in the ticket. Hopefully they get back to you. If you got a ticket number when you submitted, you can reach out to a GM (after you have waited a few for a reply) to hopefully get it sped up to look at so you can get back to playing.

  • Theres a way to get around the password block.


    Log in or reset your password for the Gamigo's website. Go to My Gamigo/Games, reset your Fiesta password.

    If your account is still blocked after following those steps, wait for a reply from your ticket.

    If you already did that, well...yea, just wait it out.

    Keep in mind, you are now allowed to launch more than ONE client at a time now, so you can make yourself a few perms or mules or whatever have ya...or level up your own cleric for the buffs lol

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