Who's Out There?

  • Hey Gamigo,

    I would really like to see a feature added in game that shows everyone who's currently on a map. Like for the map feature that allows you to see the layouts of the different maps in game, I'd like there to also be a feature that shows who's all there at that time. It could be a sidebar kinda feature that lists everyone on map and where they are, even their lvls. I believe that his feature would really be cool and a fun way to interact with players.


  • Hi IceNova,

    This is an interesting idea, but implementation of it might be unlikely. The real time tracking of other players position is bound to cause lag due to the influx of real time data.

    If you wish to view other maps, you can view them via the the Map Menu options.

    To see who is in your zone/map, you can use the Friend Menu to check.



  • To avoid being misunderstood, what I'm asking for is a feature that would allow players to see who's online from any lvl range and lvl class on any map at the same time via a map related feature. It would be similar to the feature that allows for party members to see where each other are on the map via the little ghost icon. This new feature could allow for addition icons to on the map that would show the real-time location, name and level if you hover your mouse over the individual icons. Imagine an expanded version of the party member location icon on maps.

    For example, you are on Kahal Plans looking for a leipoons or shella party and wonder if either spots on any part of the map are taken or crowded. With this feature, you are able to see that there are twenty people waiting at either location and there seems to be a party killer there as well. Now imagine doing any quest or any repeat and you are wondering if there is anyone on the current map that could either join your or help you, with this added real-time feature, you would be able to see precisely that. Friend menu leaves out a lot of people and many of the people you find on it are afk vending lol. The proposed real-time feature could appear as a red or purple version of the party member feature.

    This is not a newbie asking for basic gameplay advice, this is an experienced player looking for an enhanced experience that goes beyond /s and guessing on the friend menu.

  • Wouldn't this cause a problem though?

    Like if you open the map, see someone you don't like. You would just go and harass them?

    hmm the block feature could clean that up its a nice a idea but feel there are more important features to be fixed first before gamigo focus on this eg rebalance being finished.

    Though I see no reason it couldn’t be implemented in the future.