Class lucky box. How does it work?

  • Fyi I stop with these lucky boxes cause I never get my skin or I'm just very unlucky. I'm just wondering. How does these class lucky box work. Does I see 10 items. So it should be 1 out of 10 chances to get the skin. But after spending over 50k sc. I notice I'm getting some items more often then others. Example I get exp card and hp extender many times. While I only get 1 hammer of bijou. And after 50k sc spend. It never landed on the skin. But I got all 9 of the other unless items many many times. So if its 1out of 10, why am I not getting the skin....??? Does gamigo put 10 items to fool us while they put low freaking rate on the skin to make us think we getting 1 out of 10 chance????dang good way to milk the players. Cause I'm milked dry. :(

  • I feel you bro. Yeah that's exactly what they do, making you believe that you have 10% chances to win. They should mention a chance to win a rare item or something similar, now they just show you items that appear to be all in the same category it terms of rarity.

    In fact your chances for a skin is ~1% which is based on my experience and also from people I've talk too. Same goes for other lucky boxes. That % would make sense, because when x10 on DB skins some people can win ~5 skins for 50, not for me though I barely won one.

    No luck at all on specific boxes more than 50k there as well. We have to make them chance something. I've heard there are specific class boxes with enchanted chances haven't seen them yet, but if they exist in fact maybe that would be a good time to get a skin, or not..