• One hit gems. Either delete them from game or give clerics something to counter them ?? Like at 76 perm cleric I dont have no stun or nothing like other classes to defend myself against a 1 hit gem ??? Like this is serious, fix needed pls.

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  • If no GM or dev is going to reply or solve a player's concerns when they have expressed one might as well make me GM because I could do a better job of it. Its been several days since i posted this concern, why has no GM answered in the affirmative or negative or proposed a solution to this or forwarded the concern to higher ups or replied that they will look into it. If you are going to ignore this concern at least post a 1 sentence reply to me that you have looked at this post but are going to ignore it because it is an invalid and useless concern and is not worthy of being solved. Thats the least you can do. We know gamigo has no game staff so at least you can make me GM, I am online in game all day every day 24/7 and know whats going on in the game and on the forums and can solve people's queries if you give me some privileges.

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  • I would revive the game like it has never been revived before. The abysses hold the key to the games revival if you only knew.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • Hi Graves,

    Your concerns has been noted. We will look into the Gem and discuss balances to it.