how to play sea dragon dungeon???

  • ok this is my first time playing the sea dragon. Im a 135 glad, 100% charmed, 85k def, 4k mdef, and 200k dmg, i can drain all my HP and vit to get max 500k dmg. Im doing 10k crit on the mirror. The dragon doesnt even attack me, wth. I cant even attack the dragon. All i can attack is the mirror. Is that what im suppose to do? break the mirror to win? I then have to load the cannon, then back to killing the mirror. Then small spiders try to kill me, i took care of them. Now just slow auto attacking on the mirror. This is one boring dungeon. Is all i have to do leave my glad on auto attack and come back in a hour? Cause its taking forever to kill the mirror even 100% charmed and sk axe +12. And nothing in there is attacking me. Someone explain how i do this kq. thanks

    ok i broke the mirror, nothing happen? the dragon disapear. I was just running around the ship. The freaking DC and kicked me out. wth. this place is lame. wasted half an hour for nothing. Can someone tell me what to do after u break the mirror?

  • Putting this on my watch thread. ~ I'm also interested to know how to do this dungeon, Since I never tried it before. o-o

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  • You cant do sea dragon solo.
    There few bugs when dragon doesnt attack u and u can just that thing in middle, but thats incorrect way of finishing dungeon/u dont get reward.

    Proper way is full team, 10 or so players. Few stay at center and hit that thing, once it idles, rest run around and pick balls/load them to cannons at sides.
    As soon as all cannons shoot, central target un-idles and process continues.

    After death dragon gives all ancient coins required to buy 130 blue weapons.
    Farmed this dungeon long ago. Its worthless atm. And not soloable.

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  • they need to fix this place. I cant find 10 ppl to do it with. I was doing it for quest for my alt. Tried of mushrooms picking. I thought i would be able to do it solo with a cap glad 100% charmed.