Name Change item - how quickly does your old name become available?

  • As the subject states, I'm curious how long it takes for your old name to become available for someone else to grab after you use the Name Change premium item.

    For many years I've considered the possibility of moving a very good character name to another character (the one it is on is a class I ended up not liking as much at higher levels), but I don't want to risk losing a name I've had since Cypion first opened up. I know it's a little presumptuous to think that someone would take the name *immediately* after I gave it up, but I'd kick myself forever if I lost the name.

    Thanks for any input from veterans who have swapped their own character names in the past!

  • once you changed your name, it will become available to anyone. arent you being paranoid thinking someone gonna come up with the same name as yours in 1 sec it becomes available? come on lets be real here, no one wants your name. lmao. you being worry over nothing.

  • Are you saying it's immediately available on taking the name change?

    And yes, I already acknowledge in my original post that I'm being paranoid but I don't care. :) Thanks for your input!

  • My original toon name hasn't been available for some time, so either i have one stuck in limbo or someone snatched it as soon as they could.

    Well that's highly concerning... Thanks for you two cents. Sorry to hear about your char name though o.o