Returning Player Forgot My Password

  • Hey, I am using the forum cause I know I can get faster replies. I have merged my account into the servers and I am only returning to the game( quarantine stuff) however I forgot my password and I don't know which e mail I had signed up with I have my 80 level mage and that is my main account. How Can I recover my password

  • You'll have to send in a ticket, this thread here explains the steps.

    You can ask for the email connected to the account and/or they should be able to switch to another email of yours and reset the password from there though you might need proof the account is yours for that.

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  • Give as much information regarding the account, characters, servers, items, levels, etc... that you can to verify that you own the account.




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  • Contact support if you have the original email they should be able to sort everything out for you. They may need to ask you some security questions but these are normally no problem for the owner to answer

    Or google gamigo gas reset your gas log in then proceed to change your fiesta password from there. You’ll find the option under ‘my games’ iirc.