Please Think About Guardians Also

  • Hello there everyone !

    I would like with my turn to complain a little bit about something that is buggin me for really long time.

    One of the classes that i like to play is clerics and of course i love Holy Knights but i also like Guardians as well and i feel like guardians are really left out the only good think that they have right now as it seems its only the Heals and nothing else ...there party buffs are really low ( fair enough ) , the endure is low ( fair enough ) because i do understand its Holy Knights right to have this things high. Now at level 100 a Holy Knight gets the crit buff which everyone loves and want and what a Guardian get ? .... Guardian gets the rebirth which most of the people dont want it cause they will loose scrolls and buffs so they use tears of legel ( at least i do 95% of the time ).

    Now we are moving to the most important problem in MY OPINION , at level 110 the Holy Knight gets another great skill which is God's Benevolence ( the cross ) and its a type of skill that you can choose where to place it and i kid you NOT i love that skill<3 but what about poor Guardian .... Guardian's gets Saint's Protection ( or bubble ) which is a nice skill dont get me wrong BUT you cannot choose where to place it and its not only that, the character is not even in the middle of the bubble when you cast the skill and also its not as wide ( as for example the crusaders absorbtion bubble) and its buggin the mounts also when its used !!

    So i would like to ask from gamigo to re balance you wanna call it or pay more attension to the Guardian class a little bit especially the 110 skill ( bubble ) to be able to place it where ever you want and why not make the bubble a little bit biger .. i really hope its not much what i m asking :) i would really appreciated it !!

    Best Regards


  • i agree , as a guardian it is sometimes annoying when i put the bubble ,

    i Stand almost on top of the other player hoping it will cover them because sometimes it even goes on the left or right of me

    it is always a suprise to me where my bubble end up

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  • Yes they should fix/upgrade the bubble for guardians

    I do really hope so ... but i dont see enough people caring much about the guardians cause everyone prefare HK cause of buffs ... but let say maybe i m saying maybe if they decide to upgrade a little bit the guardian class maybe upgrating the bubble and making it much much better :)

  • Guardians passive of "stronger heal" should affect HP and SP stones and potions as well as their healing skills OF ALL PARTY MEMBERS.

    Their Defensive party buff should be GREATLY increased, whereas the HK gets the Offensive Buff (as it originally was).

    Invincible and Saints Protection should recoil 50% of damage dealt, as True Damage, for its duration.

    Benevolence should be an AoE to match that of the "cross", but increase defense and restore SP instead of HP.

    How about that for a bit of tweaking to the Guardians of Fiesta?

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  • I fully agree with this.

    HKs get:

    - Crit buff

    - Cross

    - Bash debuff

    - Endure

    - Defense pt buff

    Guardians get:

    - Rebirth

    - Bubble

    - Heals

    Now every HK thing they get is awesome for like everything (raids, solo, w/e you call it, they come in handy)

    Whats good about guardians?

    I will say Rebirth its the most helpful of the bunch, specially for KQs and if you dont want to spend tols, well you got yourself infinite revival lol.

    But aside from that while bubble is somehow helful it gets outshined by everything hks have and crusaders bubble. I mean make it at leats as big as crusader's and make it so you can choose where to place it.

    Also just my two cents, both pt buffs should be available for both classes, why taking def buff from guardians when they are the ones supposed to be the support ones.

  • Well I kinda like it same size but at the same time were just copying a crus skill. Instead of bigger why not make it last double the duration and less cd. Make aoe heal on party cast without getting close even on opposite direction. So lets say cast distance is 15m then lets make it 25m radius. Then it wouldnt matter where they are in the field as long as they within 25m they can get aoe heal/regen. It would also be nice if got some kind of aoe invincible to party members. Ofc this specific skill will only be available to Guardians not HK.

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  • I’ve played guardian and hk they can both heal well. However, you need to put so much effort into a guardian to get the same results a hk does.

    Why the bubble can’t be placed at a distance like the mage aoe/Templar bubble is totally beyond me. I also think the regan effect it gives players should increase the effects of all healing by a percentage amount ie 10/15/20

    This would give guardians a new toy to really play with and some nice combos to pull off!


  • How about this...

    Guardians Sacrifice...

    Gives all active buffs 60 minutes extra.


    a free revive to everyone


    makes them regen HP and SP for 10 seconds


    grants invincible for 10 seconds (unlimited damage)

    Game Breaking? Yup.

    Do I care? Nope.

    As a fellow guardian lover...hey, i want god-like status as much as the next person...but we always get half or 21% (troll face) of what we ask for...right?

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  • I am really happy to see that actually other people do care about the guardian class exept me , cause to be honest i was a little bit dissapointed i though i m the only one left who likes guardians ... so i wanna thank you all for supporting that post with your ideas and maybe who knows... our voice can be heard and have a bubble that can be placed where ever we want plus other cool suggestions from all you <3

  • Have both, a HK and a guardian. HK doesn't get only the crit buff, cross, def buff, endure and bash debuff, but also bleed DMG on Bleed and root on Mighty Chop. The guardian is completely left out.


    - fix bubble, let it always appear with the character in the center or make you choose where to place it, could also be a little bit bigger.

    - switch how Rebirth and Tears work and make it's duration 10 min (this is the only way to make Rebirth more appealing).

    - add a short stun to Trip and root to Mighty Punch aswell (no idea why this 2 was left out with the last rebalance).

    - reduce Dispel Pillar's CD by a lot! The 3 min kill this skill, 30 sec should be max.

    - add a new skill (guardian only), like a massive heal with a casting distance of 30 m that works for everyone in expo.

    - also Dispel Field says: "Deactivates one of the opponents' buff randomly" (we don't really need that as guardians if this is how it's supposed to work), while it "Deactivates surrounding friendly's debuffs". Or am I wrong? Anyway, if u make Dispel Pillar useful by reducing it's CD, remove this skill completely and replace it with a skill that makes the freandly target imune to all debuffs for a few seconds (basically make it work like crit buff works for HK's).

    The HK buffs you and gives you a boost to be more effective on the front line, killing fast;, the Guardian is supposed to be the lean mean healing machine of this game, protecting everyone, keeping them alive and debuff free. One of them is able to do it's "class job" really great and is wanted in parties for it, the other one (at the moment) is left out and get's yelled at if you dare to accidentally heal a gladiator without his/her consent. *cires in guardian*

  • See Gamigo?

    People know what they're talking about.

    So what do you have to say for yourselves...?

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  • Well .... Great post Kali thank you !!!

    Gamigo i think it is time to do something with Guardians ... they are not as they suppose to be at all !!

  • Just like the class rebalancing...

    Just like the free stat change...

    Just like with the "tweak" to mage DoT's on ST skills...

    Like the added passive effects are missing from other core skills for all classes.

    Soo many things we could go into.

    I'm just playing to play...cause lets face it. 150 cap gonna drop eventually...and what are we gonna do then?

    Glads, Wiz's and HK's gonna be runnin' the show still. We all know this...unless Gamigo gets their head outta the "dark side of the moon" and actually finishes the rebalance and changes that were desperately needed...and still are!

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