Ss vs Ranger End game viability?

  • Hey guys! Came back after a long time(outspark era 89 cap) to find out that cap is now at 135??? I have an archer and a mage both ready to choose final class but I honestly have no idea how to pick. Guess I mainly pve and enjoy soloing dungeons and bosses, and enjoy archer more since i find mages kinda clunky. I am leaning towards ranger since aoe and damage altho i heard that ss gets damage boost?? is it enough to compensate for bow vs xbow? any major diff between the two? Thanks!

  • I think your AoE-Damage will always be higher if you go with ranger.

    The SS got heavy boosts through his skills, which are so much better than before: Not only the dmg is good, it's also the cast time which has been lowered.

    It kinda stayed the same: SS is the choice for single target dmg, the ranger is the choice for AoE-DMG. When PvP isn't important to you neither, SS is good there as well, you can go for ranger.

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