• Okay , since you guys dont want to add 10% skins to store and make them giftable (which makes it REALLY unfair for those who dont invest alot), thus creating big gap between F2p and P2W players (because yes 20% dmg 10% crit skins make BIG difference), how bout adding some long and tedious quest to get 10% skin?

    Like with mal mount. Make world boss drop some rare tradable crystals which players would be able to exchange for 10% skin.
    This will stimulate economics, will make world boss farmers invest more to win raids/get chances to grab and sell those crystals.

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  • Crazy good idea, give this guy a cookie! I literally think there should be stuff like this for non-sc players, but meanwhile give HEAVY sc users (such as myself) an option to buy the 20% skins for a purchase price. Gambling for the perms isn't my forte, and the 10x lucky box didn't really go in my favor...I would of rather spent 100$ for the DB Dual Swords honestly. Keep these in mind, this is a great suggestion!