Sc fragments is a joke.

  • come on gamigo. Why are you ripping us off with these cheap crap frags with .001% success rate. Paying $5 for each bundle and used 5 bundles and not even upgrade once. I'm stuck at +16 using 8 bundles. Wth. Stop freaking rip your loyal players who played since 2007. Why not have same rate as the bundles for the gears and weapon. At least those take 2 to 3 bundle to max out. These freaking sc frags takes 10 bundles. That's over $50. These company know dumb folks like me will just keep enhancing even if success rates 0%. Smh.

  • update. Spent 18 bundles and finally got it to +20. If you aren't prepared to spend this many bundles. Do not do it. I dont recommend these cheap crap sc frags. They are the worst. You can enhance gears and weapons to max with 2 to 3 bundles . So I dont get why these braclete cost 20 bundles to max out. I'm done playing this game smh

  • sorry to hear this story..but, its like the guy who gamble and keeps losing then blames the house, its the casino houses job to make money, its your job to

    try and take it. sometimes, its better to walk away....js

    but heres a tip:

    1. should of stopped after noticing bad rate after 2 bundles.

    2. you can farm bright frags ig from shiny mobs now.(low chance i know) but you still get quite a bit when they drop. in 2hrs ive collected 48 and that was on

    a low char.

    3. regular frags are free in dungeons/abysses. drop better with a rant,can farm those too in LH, or pvp kq.(use an alt if need be to win easily.

    4. ultimately, you put in $$ and got low returns..if felt was a bad investment, should of pulled out, and cut your losses. imho.

    id rather spend the time to farm free frags than drop, as you say $50 for an extremely horrible rate. again my 2 cents. wish the best for ya tho.

    #lesson learned hopefully.

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  • you can't compare sc frags to casino. You have a higher chance of getting jackpot at the casino than to enhance bracelet with these crap sc frags. They need the fix the rate to match the gears and weapons. Gears and weapon have like a success rate of 5-10%. Sc frags have a success rate of .001%. They trying to rip off their loyal customers who pays to keep this game alive. Shouldn't take 18 bundles. That's 180 sc frags to enhance a gear. Ig bright frags can downgrade and will never max out a bracelet even if you have 1 million bright frags. I know these sc frags drop ingame too but they are much rare than the bright frags. You can farm months and might be lucky to get 5 of them. When you need at least 180.

  • Dude, when T6 Leg items and bracelets were introduced I remember someone posted a thread saying he spent $300 to enhance a leg axe and $300 on a bracelet using sc stones LOL, that my friend was a warning. Now enough ppl complained and they eventually fixed the T6 items rate and now you can enhance them pretty much for free. However Bracelets were never changed and are still crap. Now if you have a cold mind set you would realize that you dont really need the bracelet stat bonus to do anything in this game, so why do you even try to enhance something that cost $300 for no gain at all?

    Based on that logic my bracelet is still +0 and wont ever try to enhance it unless they change the enhancement rate, and my advice is you all do the same LOL

  • There is a reason why some people stay playing lower lvls instead of capped content.

    When they raised the cap from 125 to 135 they changed quite a lot, let me explain.

    Up untill 115 you had 5 stats that could go each up to 60 on gears or weapons. That gives you a ton of posibilities which made you get a godly item already low.

    At 135 cap they changed it to Aim, STR, DEX, HP, SP, Dmg, Mdmg, etc that each can go up to 450+ LOL, they changed the system saying it was more "balanced" but what it really does is just increase the posibilities and make you getting a godly item even lower, this in turn means more money for Gamigo. Check around, you can see in vendor 135 gears with 0 hobs being sold for 3G because ppl tried to get godly stats, failed, and now they need to farm another and hammer and repeat.

    With that in mind people want something that provide a guaranteed stat LOL, aka bracelets, but we Gamigo dont want you to have it easy, we want money, so we give you 0.001% success rate.

  • man I feel bad for that guy who spend $300 to get his bracelet to +20. It took me about 55k sc. So that was about $65-70. Like wth gamigo. This is a virtual item. Why are you ripping the players off. Dont you folks have a heart? I was piss to the point I was gonna smash my computer screen. It was fail bundles after fail bundles. Took like 5-6 bundles to get a single upgrade. Like jesus. Please fix the rate on the bracelet. I have no problem with legs weapons and gears. They usually take $15 to max out. If we have greedy people working at gamigo like we did with outspark 10 years ago. This game will die cause players will start quitting knowing it's not worth it. I thought gamigo took over fiesta they will fix it. But no. Its outspark all over again. Smh

  • tbh Its not Outspark all over again, its even worse LOL, eveything is more expensive.

    Just one of many examples, take Tough cookie pack.

    That pack used to be 4.8k sc for 10 charms, a pet, a mini house and a suit.

    Their reasoning was "People dont use the extra items", like are you serious? I bet most used at least the minihouse.

    Now its 4.5K just for the charms.

  • The fragments have been known to be really awful. I bought my braces already enhanced, but I know everyone can't. I'd recommend the purple frags you can get from the Hunters Union dailies on the board in Elderine. I've found to have pretty good luck with those if I did need to enhance.


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