Update Town Maps

  • Roumen had a facelift some time ago but other maps could use it as well. Would be nice to enter buildings and walk up upstairs in the taller ones. Maybe put some NPCs inside the buildings. Maybe add some new maps to enter the big state buildings/castles.

    Look at Uruga for example.



  • Nearly every map from lvl 20-110 needs a makeover like the lowlevel maps Sand Beach, Forest of Tides and Sea of Greed in the past


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  • The old roumen map was requested back by the community and I was one of them that voted it back. Thou the new roumen town was more convenient when it comes to npc placement, but it doesnt feel like roumen. But I do wish they repurposed that map for another town in the near future.

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  • Look at the texture/detail of Roumen buildings vs. the buildings in Uruga which look so plain/monotone color(s). I'm mainly talking about a retexturing/coloring.

  • Nah,... I am not the biggest fan of he make-overed Sand Beach, Forest of Tides and Sea of Greed. I think they look too........... bubbly? Childish?

    And they took out the giant cherry blossom tree? Who would commit such murder?????

    I agree with you on those maps. I do find Forest of Tides/Sand Beach a bit.. too bright/colorful. However, I like the retexturing of Roumen buildings/roads. Clean, defined lines, cobbled road, different colors for roof/building/windows. More refined look.

  • i miss being able to walk to the tops of hills. those used to be really nice places to hang out for couples, most of the time without drawing aggros.

    there are some games where you can go inside a building to deal with npc's, kind of adds some nuance to the game, but that would probably be a a lot more work for the tech people who write the code. FO is 3D? but not exactly, it feels more like a paper doll backdrop. you can't really explore buildings aside from instances or dungeons, and i mean with real entrances instead of map changes or portals.

  • People need to understand that Fiesta is NOT a modern MMORPG.

    There's no reason to allow people to walk into houses to speak to NPC's or traverse on top of Buildings.

    It's a waste of R&D which could be spent on either fixing the current truck load of bugs with the game, or work on cap raise so the high-end community finally have something to look forward to.

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