Reaper or Spectre > Builds to use / Skillspoints to use?

  • So u would go with Reaper?

    the big question is do you like pvp ? If the answer is yes 100% go reaper

    if you go reaper 25 spr full str isn’t a bad build either to take advantage of the passive

    if you are hard core pve you’d be leaning towards spec since they deal more dmg in pve - go full str

    if I am being honest reapers are a little easier to play due to not needing to worry about hp&sp management

    What I would say is specs are better in pve but they are really trash in pvp. I mean you can win but for what you put in you get little reward out.

    Reapers are amazing at pvp but slightly worst than specs in regards to pve. However, not massively worst of by any means.

    what weps & skills do use atm what is the reasoning ?

  • Claws,

    And build is 33 dex full str.

    ye if you have a natural preference with claws go reaper!

    mid u r going to cap go

    full str or

    25 spr full str to maximise dmg

    however 33 dex rest str isn’t a bad build