Looking for a Guild :D

  • Hi everyone,

    I used to play years ago on Fiesta EU and recently come back and found out that doesn't exist anymore q.q

    I'm currently 65 and started playing a few days ago. I've joined NightHawks academy while levelling up, but I was looking for a guild to join now.

    Usually after lvl60 you would join any guild, but now I only see guilds asking for 75+ ... q.q

    Is every guild like this? I find every academy to be 100% quiet / silent... I was trying to find a guild I could move on to, where people would talk and play together. I'm not looking at raids and stuff like that at the moment, since I'm still low lvl for that and I'm also a cleric...so it's going to take a while for me to lvl...

    But any enjoyable / friendly / helpful guild would be great :)

    Let me know if you accept a cleric like me xD <3<3<3

  • On the same topic, is there any guild that is doing SL and would take people who are not as OP to help them gear up? (To avoid confusion, I would iike to participate to SL, but I don't have any gear +10, just my 105 +12 wep)