Where is the recipe for T6 scrolls/potions?

  • The alchemy have it that we can make T6 potions and scrolls, but there is still no sign of any recipe to make that possible to do. Here is a suggestion.

    With the new implemented scheme with the shiny mobs, how about they dropping those recipes insted of the T5 elrue, lix and xir recipes. That way we players can finally get our recipe T6. How long are we suppose to wait for those recipes? This is ridiculous. Why couldn't Gamigo think of this solution? Those minions are so right....There are stupid people everywhere.

    I still believe that Gamigo can improve the EPIC raid pack.

  • not a bad idea, BUT T6's recipes on the characters' list says T5 materials as producing T6 scrolls, where the actual recipe isn't "learnable" because it is all T6 materials from island of eya. and above. so those two things don't work together. if they do change it for character lists and they can start producing T6 ones it might ease some of the demand over shiny mobs but it's a 50/50 issue in the nutshell.

  • According to the alchemy list for scrolls/potions T6 says we only need the highest materials, but it want more of the same materials as for T5 scrolls/potions. So yes, it want the same materials as for T5 scrolls/potions, but there is nothing wrong with that. We don't need to go to some higher maps for anything, only to get more of the same materials as we already are collecting for the T5 scrolls/potions. That should be a good thing, right? What you do need is to be able to produce the scrolls/potions T6 in which we have not been able to.... for a long time. They implemented the T6 in alchemy, but took out the learning scrolls not long after first having them in the game, and then "forgot" about them. Insted they have certain levels of shiny dropping the T6 scrolls/potions, but not all of them. And they keep dropping the T5 stone production learning scrolls for elrue, lix and xir. Why not add the learning scrolls for T6 scrolls/potions instead? Would benefit much more all the players.

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  • I do agree with Cybele 100% they should have made Shiny's give T6 recipes for all alchemys ..rare drops maybe like the 50% charm for 4 hours and leave as drops the purple potions and concentration scrolls since these cannot be made.

    coldstoni if you can make scrolls T5 and you have enough points for the t6 then you can see on your own that you need exactly the same materials as the t5 just some they need a little bit more quantity :)

    Yeaa .. My first ever post !!

  • I think coldstoni said the character lists items in the alchemy production screen show it as using T5 materials but they said the actual recipes (which were in game for a short period of time and then removed) list the higher level T6 drop materials and therefore are incompatible.

    I would prefer T6 used T6 materials not T5. One, this means you actually have to have a level 125 character to gather the materials yourself (added layer of growth difficulty) and two, would leave the already hard to get T5 materials for T5 scrolls. (Yes you can comp up the materials, and yes I have max comp/decomp, but I mean how its difficult to get without having to do so).

  • mhm. MintyGreens said it clearer than my reply but it's the reason why T6 isn't possible at the moment. otherwise I would certainly be using my 135 templar for farming the Potions/Scrolls/Decomp/Comp recipes and farming the materials already.