This is Goodbye.

  • Normally i would say Hey how are you this time however DDA has a new message.

    Its time to walk away and play a new game - since the game has become so toxic its unreal the game balance is so out of shape it isn't even funny. The game itself has so many faults and here a few of them to assist those who have the power to do so.

    -> ITS NOT FREE TO PLAY!!!! IT NEVER HAS BEEN ITS PAY TO WIN!!! - Good lord with the amount of money and a simple search you could ACTUALLY RUN the game for cheaper than what you are paying month to month in terms. I've done the calculations lets show my workings shall we?

    So we need Teva - Lets start off with Teva! - We need to keep our exp after all!

    Thats 7000 coins right there! - equal to £9.99 (you need that one because the £4.99 = 5500 coins) (wow expensive already!) OR

    22475 coins which in turn equals £19.99 (this includes the Teva/Extender/EXP boost) okay thats fine!

    OR 30375 coins which again turns into £29.99 which i'll give the items also.

    ENHANCEMENTS because you're not getting anywhere with +3 gears (excluding charms) IS A NIGHTMARE you're up a + then down a + its nuts ! the enhancements are a joke! So you have T5 at 9999 coins BUT you can't just buy 1 of them i've went through 10 packs when i was still part of the game thats 99990 COINS THATS £99.99 FOR JUST 1 ITEM!

    Forgetting about the fact that you need to have Blessing of Teva, Extenders and EXP boosts you have charms on top of that! This game has already costed me more than £100 but lets continue shall we?

    THATS EXCLUDING COSMETICS! NOTHING IN HERE IS COSMETICS! - Cosmetics is looks in this case so no empowering via that way.

    You reach a certain point where you need Charms to continue and that is where it gets more interesting its at 1725 PER PACK and they last 1 hour a pop so in order to get 30 days worth we're going to half it to 15 days (since the maths is the same if you're playing 12 hours a day) thats 360 HOURS which means in order to get the pack of 10 correct you need 36 packs! LETS DO MATHS 1725 times 36 (holy potatoes i've still got time for this?) Thats now 62100 PER 30 days!

    Now 62,100 = £49.99 in cost Real life money! its Crazy! BUT THATS 20% charms of might.

    We need Teva to prevent EXP loss per month it can be either 7000 / 22475 / 30375 which means you're either paying £9.99 , £19.99, or £29.99 Thats per month again. So lets go through the differences in the prices shall we?


    1X: Blessing Of Teva 30 Days!


    1X: Blessing of Teva 30Days

    1X: HP&SP Extender (50%) 30 Days

    1X: EXP BOOST 30days


    1X: Blessing of Teva 30Days

    1X: HP&SP Extender (50%) 30 Days

    1X: EXP BOOST 30days

    1X: HP magic Potion 3 (300,000 HP)

    1X: SP Magic Potion 3 (300,000 SP)

    1X Tear of Legel (50 units)


    They've put a limit on the following item to once a week which is nuts also; but hey its there for a reason:

    "Enhanced Charm Of Might" (Old Charm of Might 50% according to anyone who knew the bundle) (tough cookie pack) = 4325 but thats only for 10 units so you need to use them wisely so for raids yes? therefore you use MORE charm of might 20% to make up the difference.

    WE HAVENT EVEN GOT TO THE STORAGE PROBLEM!!! good lord - you get a lot of stuff and you get a lot of it "bind on equip" or "bind on pickup" you need more money to be able to sell such items - i have given up. so you need to get 2 lots of iron cases - this game has gone from bad to worse already.

    So Far In order to get a return value i would need to spend £29.99 + £4.99 + £49.99 + £4.99 + £4.99 + £4.99 = £99.94 (excluding enhancements as i know someone is going to say "make someone else do it" BUT THEY STILL HAVE TO PAY!) (4 lots of 4.99 because the enhanced charm is weekly only)


    LOWER THE CASH SHOP PRICES! LOWER PRICES = MORE PROFIT MORE WILL BE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT! when you are using high prices and you work it out its much much more easier just to play a PAY TO PLAY game. So you wanna know what drives people away fast? HIGH PRICES LOW RETURNS - mounts are a joke you can't even earn them ingame (you get the wooden ones granted but they're nothing compared to the store purchased ones). I've walked away because its so DAMN hard to level a cleric and people say "its a healing class you need friends" i give you a message: If i wanted to solo i wouldn't have something so easily accessible that you could REPLACE a cleric with EVERY DAMN SKILL IN THE DAMN CASH SHOP like seriously

    Lets go through the "healer" skills that can be easily purchased

    Heal + Rejuvenate + AOE Heals = HP Magic Potion ( oh there we go fully healed )

    Protect? OH there is charms for that

    Resist? Oh there is charms for that

    Revive? how the hell can anyone compete with Tears fgs it keeps your buffs also!

    So over all you got your own portable healer right there! ----- IF and i mean IF this message gets deleted (which its highly likely it will because its pointing out the obvious and why people walk away)

    And i've checked the prices of servers - trust me i know you can buy a dedicated for far less than whats been suggested above.

  • You forgot to add where you need to spend hundreds of dollars in lucky box to get a skin lol... anyone saying that you don't need these things and that there

    "optional" must spend COUNTLESS hours farming in this game to obtain said items via a SC gifter... something that not all of us have (FREE TIME), for the people that are gonna come on this post and disagree with you, other then probably EXP boost ALL these items are needed to match others style of play. How am I supposed to play with a online friend that donates to the game constantly when I am dying/losing exp/Have to walk all the way back to quest spot while hes there earning triple with a quest exp boost, NOT losing any exp and doesn't need to walk back because he has TEARS OF LEGEL. YES like i said for the "Intelligent" people coming in here to say that it is a option, YES it is a option but its not FAIR or FREE TO PLAY I shouldn't need to spend constant money on this game as if it was a CAR NOTE ... DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED with MAL RAID/HELGA RAID/PUPPET HELGA RAID THE SAME GUILDS THAT WIN THESE RAIDS ARE COMPLETELY SCED and have been hogging it for years... there is no WAY possible unless you leech off of chests and even then there is not enough drops to go around, this game is unfair and honestly if there was more to do I wouldn't be complaining but the fact being that these spots where your said to earn "Money" are always filled or being hogged by a paid player..

  • monthly fully sced(dmg sc,extender,rant)= almost 50$ or above????

    Is this a juke??

    Not to mention the hammers and bundle tries,

    Also weapon skins via lucky box.

    For an exchange of LAME drop rate, is a totally waste of time doin em.

  • Came to see an „I’m outta this“-post, actually got tons of maths to read. =(

    It is wrong to say this game isn’t f2p because it is. If you need that much SC to enjoy this game this is your own fault.

    I have to asume I agree with the p2w. But it has been like that since day one.

    Anyways take your time, there are some other games to enjoy.

    See you around. o/

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  • Although your points are valid in general, I can only agree that this game is not free on one aspect: enhancement. Enhancement is absolutely not free and I consider that this is not fair. There is NOT a single chance you can +12 (or even +10) an item without SlimeCoins stones (Perfect Red Eye and Blue Mile), thus you can't call this "free". This is a core feature of the game (unlike Tears of Legel or Exp Boosts which just make your life way way easier), thus I consider you should not pay real money for it.

    I think the solution that would make both sides (players and Gamigo) happy would be to increase the base dmg/def of the weapons/armors and decrease the bonus added from enchacement to only 10/20% of the base dmg/def. In this way, people would still pay to get the bonus, while players who cannot afford can still play with +0 gear and not struggle.

  • If you really want people to read this you should change the font.

    Jour 1

    "C'est le jour 1, celui qu'on retient,

    Celui qui s'efface, quand tu me replaces, quand tu me retiens,

    C'est celui qui revient."

    - Louane

  • If you really want people to read this you should change the font.

    Was easy to read for me your bio was hard to read though change the color, anyways IMO 115+ definately requires SC purchase wrenches are nearly impossible to kill without the use of charms.. or a killer...

  • Was easy to read for me your bio was hard to read though change the color, anyways IMO 115+ definately requires SC purchase wrenches are nearly impossible to kill without the use of charms.. or a killer...

    At least on a mobile phone the text is written in flourishes. No need to be aggressive :)

    Jour 1

    "C'est le jour 1, celui qu'on retient,

    Celui qui s'efface, quand tu me replaces, quand tu me retiens,

    C'est celui qui revient."

    - Louane

  • Writes a goodbye rant... 21 hours ago, still is online in the forums:

    This game is free to play. You can enjoy this game without spending all that money. You can buy tradable tevas in game from other players. You can level without teva as well xD just stop dying so much (hint you do not lose exp for dying in kqs).

    You can get exp cards from monarch system, lucky house and vault. Teva are not needed. Enhanced gears you can buy from others. You say "ohbut you need in game money to do that" well... yeah that is the point of having in game money. People want to be rewarded for farming or making potions/scrolls or enhancing things to sell. If you think gamigo should hand you free in game money too? It is part of leveling and enjoying the game. I made money off scrolls/potions/stone making for the most part. Some guild raiding and even picking up dropped items from people at storages. make a 2nd account to sell items while you play if you do not have the ability to vender over night.

    It can be considered pay-to-level-faster, but "winning" is what you make of it. Do you NEED to cap the fastest? No, you can enjoy the game in other aspects.

    But anyways, bye, enjoy searching for something else.

  • Hmmmmm, our leader would so bash you for this rant. He is by far the best player to have ever played this game. Fully geared head to toe.. and jewels and costumes and capped and more supplies guild with charms and rants, $0 invested. Top notch player SC LESS. Lead by example. SC is optional, its up to you to find a way to make those gems to pay the gifters. Raid instances that actually pays.

  • :Dslimegrinhoneylol winkwink

    Riddle me this, how many games DON'T do this?

    it doesn't take a genius to see the industry is over-saturated with cash focused micro-transactions and tiered content access systems, and has been so since the first multi user dungeon or arcade game. Like it or lump it........bashing something and then sticking around just shows signs of both addiction and trolling,...yes, i said trolling. I've quit games, and actually quit them, and in my case, it was only because i wasn't given the choice. games i STILL love were shut down completely, ruined by glitches and bugs that wrecked them beyond repair, and by investors who couldn't care less about the product.

  • Simple solution to your problem - If you can't afford SC, don't buy it.

    No one is forcing you to do it, and there are plenty of F2P players who don't buy SC at all and can play the game just fine.
    SC is just an advantage, whether that matters or not, is a personal opinion to you.

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  • He also mentions about class imbalance. You guys can't ignore that. Not everyone wants to play a glad =_=

    What he also is saying that he plays a cleric and feels like he is not needed due to sc easily replacing a need for a cleric.

    I think it is partially true in some cases where there is heavily sced up players, but there are many people who still need a cleric, and they need one badly, like in high lvl KQs or during high level farming. Plus, now that debuff in bash exist, I think clerics are more wanted for faster farming reasons. But I feel you!