• I tried to recharge my account with sc and it doesn’t even work. I tried on my phone and my pc and nothing worked. There is no problem with my credit card, I just bought something on amazon after trying to buy sc. Is it working for you guys?

  • Try with paypal if you have? Using my credit card with paypal works.


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  • dunno what is up with Karma Koin, but i'm get
    payment_karmakoin_index_error-invalidPin on the charge up page from the NA fiesta cashshop.
    and I double checked the karma koin website to be sure if the balance was correct and it was so it has to be a problem from Gamigo's side, and I wanted an aura sale and enhance bundle sales. so having issues to recharge needed to be done quickly fixed... :S


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  • there is a "hold" on CC charges from banks that take a few days if the first charge went through smoothly, to make sure people don't overcharge or have a double charge, just like hotel reservation holds. and certain prepaid cards do limit how much you can buy during the day period or monthly for prepaid cards. like karma koin from pcgamesupply, but, that makes that moot for payments, because all of those places are good to go with me, what the problem was the issue over charging up my "sc/cs" from the cash shop. it gave me a nope on the actual website. and the ingame page doesn't either. just a spinning icon. and I lost time on a super enhancement bundle because of it. <.< @ CM/GMs.


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  • coldstoni I work In the finance industry that isn’t the case.

    Banks don’t stop you authorising payments to a certain company to prevent double charges etc Most banks would allow 100 transactions to go out provided they’re happy it’s the customers instruction.

    The only reason they will stop payments are for two reasons 1) fraud 2) regulatory requirement.

    If they block a payment you normally can ring them get the block lifted; and reprocess the order in 10-15 mins np.

    All banks do is process customers instructions if they are above board they don’t care what you do/where you spend your money.

    So doubtful it is a result of a bank error.

    I am just trying to find out the actual limit; but I can’t remember. We would need an official gamigo rep to chip in.

    How much have you charged this month ? It might jog my memory.

  • that is Credit cards. Karma Koins payment is different. it has no limits. I have checked. why would Gamigo stop receiving money if those are pre-paid already. either way I am without charging sc/cs up yet and this going for 3 full days since.

  • There is one potentially to protect gamigo the company or its consumers there is zero reason a bank/master card would prevent you spending money. If it isn’t going through & the payment hasn’t been blocked via your banks fraud team - gamigo are declining to accept the payment. You would need to send a ticket.

    Though taking a step back and looking at your payment method/situation coldstoni it doesn’t sound like you would have hit anywhere near the limit. Have you tried charging on a different browser & enabling your cookies ? I couldn’t charge using my iPad/iPhone last time night went through fine via pc through google chrome.

    Let me know how you get on. Since it is karma koin my knowledge of this area is really lacking since it isn’t my own personal purchasing pref. I can remember having a problem with a paysafe card years ago it hadn’t loaded properly instore.

  • Im currently having issues too , I've tried to redeem two voucher codes I bought from Amazon, when i tried to redeem both it says the codes are not valid.

  • i don't think i did. there is a "how to redeem this item" guide when i click on the purchase order, it takes me to i logged in and click on the north america fiesta then redeem voucher but every time i enter the voucher code it tells me its not valid. plus i check the reviews for the item and the latest was in January this year, the person commented the code worked fine and it was a huge amount 70000 slime coin voucher.

  • Hi,

    The likely possibility is that the voucher expired.

    Please also be cautious with links given to you by other player.