Can't Connect (Isya Only)

  • Hello Gamigo staff and Fiesta players,

    I'm sure you are all experiencing the same issues that I am. Players are still unable to connect to the Isya Server. The other servers seem fine. Thank you!


  • Same here. Downloaded the fiesta software yesterday and level up to level 17. Seems to be ok on other servers...Only Isya is buggy (I reached the characters lobby once though but couldn't go farther).

  • Seems to be working now or?


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  • I'm having the same issue, if I log in and connect to any other server first it goes to the character page, if I try to join Isya it won't connect and I'm not able to connect to the other servers either.

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  • Same, can't connect to ANY server. I HAVE selected one and waited.....I should think 20 minutes waiting would be long enough, right? I have also tried restarting my PC, still can't connect.

  • Now I even uninstalled/reinstalled the game. STILL can't get on!! I was on earlier with 2 of my characters but when I tried to login the 3rd it never connected to the server so I closed the game. Now I can't get back in at all. I know I've said this before, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • told you...

    its outspark all over again...

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  • this is the best player in lsya. I cant even get to the character select page. After I put in my account and pw, I get to the server list. I pick on lsya and chick join. Nothing happen. Waited like 30 mins. Still on same page. I restarted my computer and log back on. Same thing. Please fix this game. What will lsya do without their best player...aka me.

  • There have been rumors that the server has been under attack... again. Anyone hearing this?

    Also yeah, it says the server is full? Is that even possible? (Obviously yes, but are that many players really connected?)

  • Game Crashed then frozen me in. I could log out, I had to restart whole PC.

    Then I went to reenter game it said Server is Down.

    Left and re-logged now it will not let enter game.

    This is why I quit years ago with Outspark. I poured thousands of dollars in before. This time only $60. This sucks.

  • The last few weeks they've been having issues. A lot of players think someone is DDOSing the server to speed up boss spawn times.

  • Well when the ass hats kill Karen every eight minutes for several hours something is causing her to respawn. DDOS attacks so they are killing this server just like Pagel.