I can’t to learn parchment

  • it could be several things
    for instance class fighter/trickster/cleric/archer/mages all have to be a status of being High/clever/etc. which is part of the quest lines that show up at 20. any skill type is than red lined out saying must be High/clever (insert class) as well as lvl 2x-59, 60 promotion than goes on to other skills with different named statuses. etc. again at 90 and 100 too.

  • wait a tic, is it a quest asking you to collect a scroll? there is a parchment you get from guild rewards to do a daily quest (get enough daily tokens to buy items from the daily vendor), but there are also quests for things like curse scrolls, fireball scrolls, etc, and those are quest items, they aren't items you learn.

    weapons can register licenses for extra damage to specific monsters, and with the use of special stones from the SC store,
    use enchantments for special weapon buffs. there's also weapon skins you can buy from the SC store.

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