[Social Media] Question of the Day!

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    Dear Players,

    Everyday on our social media, you will be able to find a question of the day. Sometimes, it might even be a task of the day instead of an actual question. This questions might not always have any relevance to Fiesta Online, or anything particular, it is just a means to keep us all from going stir-crazy or getting cabin fever due to the recent events going on in the world.

    We'd like to hear your answers, and see your images. You never know when something you post will make someone laugh and truly brighten their day and make it a little more bearable to be stuck inside with little to do. There might even be something special for you if we REALLY like your response.

    Check out our posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily.

    Stay safe and take care of each other.

    See you in game,

    Your Fiesta Online Team