What's In A Name - I Can't get one!!!

  • Just deleted 1 of my Level 50 Characters to try the Crusader class and it keeps telling me every name I choose is in use already - please try again

    Not joking I've been at it over an hour now

    I don't see how everything I try including using random words and Number combinations is already in use

    And if it was why can't they provide us with available alternatives ?????:(

  • don't include any spaces, underscores, special characters (e.g. comma, fullstop, brackets, dash, equal, punctuation)

  • underscores are permitted but stuff starting or ending with numbers or asterisks or xX______Xx get used a LOT, so maybe try to avoid doing that. also words like the, king, queen, lady, lord, great, and similar, those get used a lot too, along with anime names and other popular culture stuff.

    best thing i ever came up with was messed up versions of my own name, for example, phleez