Can someone explain?

  • Although I agree with it not being a scam since it is luck based and they state that but it is gambling since its basically a loot box and some countries even put regulations on the loot boxes and was discussed by other countries to. So yeah I mean if people like it or put up with it to get the skin then that's cool since its a choice.

  • The part of it being a scam box is because lets say there is 10 items, so you have 10% of chance to get the skin (or it should be like that). They even boost the chance. And after spending 200$+ and keep getting all items numerious times, EXCEPT the skin. And they do not say that getting the skin is like 0.0000001% of a chance. Thats why it's a scam. You expect equal randomness, not everything besides skin.

    Yes, it's our own fault for falling for it. You know the saying "hope dies last"? That's how I used to feel. "What if I get the skin this time? What if...?"

    Lucky those that somehow manage to get several skins in few tries. But I personally don't see how it could be possible to spend 1000$ on a desired skin and not get it (the story of my husband). Like what game costs that much money!

    I wanted to play a glad, but then got told not to bother if I dont have the skin...

  • Yes, the skin is nice and all, but in all reality it is not an absolute need to still play/enjoy the class. Some of them guilds/players out there are just too picky. As for percentages, it may be set different for each item you can get like some of them other games/apps out there (Could name a few, but I will not seeing it's "advertising" and I'm sure some will understand what I mean). The items other than skins are probably set at a much higher appearance/drop rate. (Example: 0.005% for skins and 15% for the other stuff to be picked out of the pool.)

  • That is the thing too, you assume you are on your own algorithm of chances. When the boxes go on sale or set for higher chance, more people are buying them. So you are probably set up taking turns with others in the algorithm and therefore some feel lucky because they get it quick, and others not so lucky because they keep missing that "win skin" in the algorithm. Its presumed to be the same with enhancing in game.

    Back to the gambling. Some countries may consider it gambling, but that would probably be incorrect terminology and more that countries preference of trying to get people to stop spending money on chance games (not risk games, there is a difference). I just spent 10 minutes reading into gambling stuff (more than I cared to), but from what I can find out even in online gaming, it is not considered gambling if its a loot box, because there is no technical risk as long as you do receive a prize and the prize is worth the price you paid. Everything in the box is worth the price of the box or higher (so technically you are winning). Now if there was a chance for you to end up with LESS than the worth of the box, or with NOTHING. Then that would be considered a risk by reasonable gambling definitions and laws.

    Chance games are what this loot box falls under. You have a chance to get one of several outcomes, presumably wanting one or few specific things that are of "greater value". It is a chance you may or may not get what you want, but its not a risk of you losing your all your money and the clothes on your back like at a casino (where the odds are fixed in the casinos favor).

    It is up to the individual to not spend more than they can afford to.

    Now again I am not saying don't be unhappy with this method. Express that unhappiness, but let us not pretend its a scam when the rules are clearly there and let us not mislabel it as gambling either. (Though if you are from another country that does consider it as gambling, then you have to remember this is a German company running a North American game (there are European servers too) and so those laws don't apply to a game ran for other countries that you might be playing on).

    I think instead of falsely accusing the loot boxes of things, it is better to express your grievances and express what sort of sales you are interested in.

    They are probably unlikely to put these sames skins for sale directly in the store, but maybe you would be okay with lesser dmg skin.

    I think another thing being overlooked is then what would Gamigo say to all those who DID spend money on the loot boxes to get a skin but suddenly they were sold in stores for less than what it took for them to acquire the skin?

  • I honestly don't think it'd matter much to Gamigo just like some of the perm outfits/accessories in the fashion vault (Remember when the aura crystals were introduced. Perm wind crystal was only obtainable through the fashion vault at that time. Later on it was sold in sales outside of the Loot/Lucky Box.) or some of those event based items (example: the Snow Slime mount that people had to fight for in the fbz for which also went up for sale later on) that were sold later on. The thing is, if people are willing to continue on spending/wasting money on the lucky boxes, it will be here to stay as it is profit. I personally don't see it as a scam, but I do find it a waste of money/time (from past experiences). Then again to each their own.

    As for the chance rate, who knows (besides Gamigo of course), maybe it is set up similar to that of the enhancement process where everyone plays a role in who gets what/succeeds.

    Not much more for me to say here so I guess this is pretty much my final input on this. Don't waste your time or money on it if you find it "unfair". Learn to control/moderate the spending. You can still enjoy the game without it. :thumbup:

  • A lot of games now post the exact rates to cover themselves (e.g. item A drop rate 50%, item B drop rate 20%, item C drop rate 15%, item D drop rate 15%) I hope Gamigo considers doing this as well.

    Also keep in mind that Gamigo is the one choosing the "value" of the items you pull from LB, so while they may value a basic beauty coupon as 1500 SC I doubt many players feel the same way, and while a 7 day suit/mount might be useful for a low-moderate spender it's not something a heavy spender would find valuable enough to spend 1500 SC on.

    $10 USD is about 6 spins in the lucky box give or take.

    If people are spending $1000 USD that means they used 600 spins (again give or take...that's not counting converting items to free spins) without getting a single skin which may be legally acceptable but is very morally questionable, even if the player has that much disposable income.

    I just wanted to mention all of this for context, I don't spend a lot on LB but with all the complaints I hope Gamigo is trying to look at this from a player's perspective as well, I have no specific changes I can think of that would help both players and Gamigo at the moment however, even putting lesser skins in the store will (rightly) be meet with pay2win complaints.

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  • They can just remove extra items on the original lucky box and keep rolling for skin class types and if you don't want/need that type just turn it into a token and eventually you get the types you are after or pay back with tokens if you didn't get the right type and instead of losing even 10 dollars you get to what you need. and once a month they change to a new skin appearances. because most of them are now all the same stats. and people won't fight over paying for it that is still pay to win but it's not as bad as losing thousands to seed the table and still get shot down for "lucky" customers who get it in their first roll. oh and to point it out skin dura is still a company income too.


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  • Will Bump to save everyone the time from donating to the lucky box until they fix the mechanics in this game gamigo will not be seeing a single dime from me #BOYCOTT