Maintenance: 19/01/17

Dear community,

A maintenance took place on 19/01/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.05.122

  • You will now spawn in the middle of Roumen if you die in the instance “Tides of the Seadragon”.
  • You will now be able to use mounts in the following maps:
    • Luminous Stone 1
    • Luminous Stone 2
    • Concealed Prison 1st Floor
    • Concealed Prison 2nd Floor
    • Flaming Mine
  • The damage of the lv 130 weapons (Green) has been adjusted.
  • The Kingdom Quest “Warrior’s Code – Invincible Hero” will now be available to lv 95~109.
  • The Kingdom Quest “Warrior’s Code – Superhero Trial” will now be available to lv 110~119.
  • The following items will no longer be bound to character:
    • Sword of the Dark Ritual
    • Two-Handed Sword of the Dark Ritual
    • Axe of the Dark Ritual
    • Shield of the Dark Arts
    • Mace of the Dark Ritual
    • Hammer of the Dark Ritual
    • Shield of the Dark Elements
    • Bow of the Dark Ritual
    • Crossbow of the Dark Ritual
    • Staff of the Dark Ritual
    • Wand of the Dark Ritual
    • Claw of the Dark Ritual
    • Dual Swords of the Dark Ritual
    • Blade of the Dark Ritual
  • The following items will now be bound to character:
    • Eion Sword of the Temple
    • Litos Sword of the Temple 
    • Izol Axe of the Temple
    • Ogra Shield of the Temple
    • Athar Mace of the Temple
    • Fodos Hammer of the Temple
    • Detia Shield of the Temple
    • Linir Bow of the Temple
    • Noral Crossbow of the Temple
    • Ohra Staff of the Temple
    • Rasil Wand of the Temple
    • Utia Claws of the Temple
    • Ireus Dual Swords of the Temple
    • Odrum Blade of the Temple
  • The base stats and upgrade bonus of the lv 130 (Green) armours, lv 130 (Blue) armours and lv 135 (Blue armours) have been adjusted.
  • New PvP Kingdom Quests have been added:
    • Warrior’s Code – Almighty Warrior (Lv 120-129)
    • Warrior’s Code – Divine Trial (Lv 130-135)
  • Aggro range of Hell Dragon and Khazul has been increased.
  • You will now only need a party of 5 characters to access/complete the instance “Temple of Gods”.

  • The height of Captain Nelson has been fixed.
  • The Curse mushroom minihouse has been fixed (Lv 130).
  • The level requirement for King Albireo Hardmode has been fixed. The level limit is now 120 ~ 134.
  • The Guild/Academy search function has been fixed.
  • The following quests can now be completed:
    • Etty's Dream 2
    • The Dispute: Cho
    • Eya: An Unknown Force 2
  • An animation bug has been fixed for the NPC “Mandragora” and “Temple Monk”.

Your Fiesta Online team

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