Maintenance: 16/03/17

Dear community,

The servers are now available and the premium items have been extended for the duration of the maintenance.

Client version: 1.05.128

  • The bleeding debuff applied by Sharp Boars has been reduced.
  • The login music has been updated.
  • The level limit of the dungeon “Siren’s Castle” has been updated to lv 115~129.
  • Stats of the new monsters have been readjusted.
  • The healing effect of the “Flaming Beast's Levitating” will now stop when the character is full health.
  • A new tutorial zone has been added.
  • The maximum level of these Kingdom Quest has been increased:
    • Magritte's Hidden Mine [A]
    • Spring Battlefield [A]

Bug Fixes:
  • A bug where the ranking interface of the Warrior’s Code KQ would not disappear at the end has been fixed.
  • The colour of the new gear has been fixed.
  • Aim of the lv 130 green weapons has been fixed.
  • Ethereal Knight has been replaced with Lost Soul in the map “Khazul's Refuge”.
  • A bug where players could fall through the map “Khazul's Refuge” has been fixed.
  • Several graphic bugs have been fixed for the lv 130 & 135 armor.
  • The new monsters now have a proper avatar.
  • Several ingame texts have been fixed.

Your Fiesta Online team

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