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  • "AMayZing" started this thread

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Thursday, December 7th 2017, 2:25pm

Christmas ingame content coming soon?

Has there been any word of xmas patch coming soon, such as snow in town, snowball patches, xmas buff tree and skii race that we normally get at this time of year?

Ive been waiting all year for it, and we arealready a week into december. I would have thought it would be maintenace last week for it, but nothing....

I hope its not like cupcake kq (they try doing something breaking traditionand letdown people that have been waiting all year for it)
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Thursday, December 7th 2017, 2:45pm

I miss the snowy christmas scenario on the cities and the decorations :honeysad: ...and of course the christmas event!
I hope they can bring back the daily coin event who used to give either the Santa suit + Hat (permanent) and the Snowman suit + Hat (permanent)... it was a simple event to do who didn't require a lot of struggle, perfect for the days where we're supposed to spend quality time with family.
Perhaps this year they could think about introucing a different color of Santa's Suit+Hat and maybe the Penguin suit+Hat? One can dream! :slimeblush:
There were also christmas' trees on Elderine who gave decents buffs and I remember that last year we were missing the snowbanks where to get the snowballs items to prevent the Kebing claw mobs from destroying the bigger christmas tree (probably because the snowballs were also meant to be used for the daily who gave the permanent suits and Gamigo thought that since that daily wasn't no longer available the snowballs weren't needed for anything else so it was ok to not implement them).


Thursday, December 7th 2017, 3:08pm

Early next year.


Thursday, December 7th 2017, 5:50pm

Sorry, they are too busy working on the "Big December Patch" that is suppose to add new content.
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Thursday, December 7th 2017, 6:14pm

they are too busy working on the "Big December Patch" that is suppose to add new content
Early next year.
this ^
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Thursday, December 7th 2017, 6:43pm

We had christmas till like march-april this year, you hadn't enough? LMAO
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Friday, December 8th 2017, 3:35am

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Friday, December 8th 2017, 4:14am

I never look forward to events anymore. It's always a matter of collecting coins to buy a skin which you have to buy repairs for if you want to keep using it. That's no reward. It'll be the same tired old ski map again no doubt. Which means hard cheese for anyone without a +5 mount that wants a title. We'll get the tree buffs I expect. I wish they'd make those buffs something like 10% drop rate increase or 10% exp increase. Something more useful than a few extra HP or def. Although does anyone use anything but the speed buff? I know I dont. And of course there'll be a quest for a 30 day santa suit and a 7 day hat. Why do they do that? 30 day suit and only 7 day hat? Cant they just make them both 30 days?

At least the xmas event will be something to distract us when Gamigo do the big content patch and it's full of bugs and screws up half the game and doesn't get fixed for weeks because it's Xmas and theres no one at the office to fix it. A ski down a hill for the hundredth time always takes my mind off things.

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