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Monday, November 20th 2017, 7:00pm

Two Hour Extenders

So why were these removed from the store? I and many others used them frequently.


Monday, November 20th 2017, 7:31pm

BRING THEM BACK. This is ridiculous, can't even let us have ONE good deal in the store. 2 hour extenders are so important for raiders who only log on to raid. We spend tons of SC on monthly damage/crit outfits, tails, back items, face items, head items, charms, dragon buffs, aura, trying to get skins and you can't even let us skimp on extenders? I'm so done with this game if they don't bring them back.

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Monday, November 20th 2017, 7:45pm

Sorry to double post BUT I just wanna add 4hour charms hasn't had a BOGO sale in months. I think Gamigo seriously is driving me to quit.

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Monday, November 20th 2017, 7:54pm

I think they are trying to make everyone quit :(
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Monday, November 20th 2017, 8:06pm

Ok lets do some math about how much SC an active raider spends PER MONTH on this game. The items I'll be listing are some of the top items. Not all are the best in game though since I couldn't find links to all of them. This does not include the cost of enhancing gear or getting a skin. I also did not include items like pets, mini houses, exp boosts, or tears because they are not essential to stay competitive and some can be obtained in game.

Black Sensei 5600 SC
Kei Guitar 10800 SC
Ice Wings 2600 SC
Musketeer Hat 5600 SC
Shadow Fox Mask 1500 SC
Fire Crystal 2500 SC
Dizzy Glasses 2600
Dragon's Grace Pack 1600 SC
Master Repair Kit 1495 SC
Tough Cookie Pack (x3) 3920 * 3 = 11760 SC
4 Hour Charm of Might (x3) 4325 * 3 = 12975 SC

Hunters War rant 100% 10000 (I could not find a link for this but I am including it because it's one of the most essential items. I believe the base price is around 10k, if I am wrong someone please correct me.)

And from all of that the grand total is 69,030 SC.

That is roughly $87 USD. PER MONTH. On a game that breaks every other day.

I know many of these items are on sale but that's still no excuse. Not to mention how terrible the sales have been lately. Between the items I didn't include I'd say this is fairly accurate.

And before someone says you don't need to buy SC, that' true. But to be competitive during raids you do. Not to mention how everything from the new cap is stupid OP and you need good SC to be able to kill things. /rant

If this isn't added back and other things aren't changed I seriously think I'm done.



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Monday, November 20th 2017, 9:32pm

This thread needs to stay on top until we get some recognition. It's actually ridiculous and I don't even know if the people who run this game even realize this...

from unheard of monthly pricing for staying competitive to these god awful sales I'm really surprised a post like this has only just shown up today. I'm fed up with this too and I have no doubts they'll bring back those extenders once this post is noticed, but I don't think we should stop there. The company running Fiesta is a joke and the faithful players who decided to stay with fiesta continuing to throw their money at them deserve some respect at the very least. I don't even know where to start with Fiesta but a lot of changes need to happen, It's really sad to see this game falling apart and even more upsetting to see all these players leaving because of it :/



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Monday, November 20th 2017, 10:52pm

It's very sad, there are days in Pagel that there are only two or three stores and about 10 people in uruga (and I think I'm exaggerating) and the only entertaining thing to do are the raids and what is spent per month on sc is a lot, taking into account that there are many problems on the server, bugs like the login glitch and very low population in 3 of the 4 servers, even in Isya the population has decreased.

Fiesta is a game that I really appreciate and I really hope that gamigo can do something to save it because at this rate the game will die much sooner than expected. When the discontinuation of the transfer tool was announced, the population of Pagel decreased even more and if items are removed from the store that are important for those who still play, they will stop playing and only accelerate the end of the game.


Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 3:54am

Okay; two hour extenders need to be put back or at the very least lower the price of the 30day extender to help players, anyhow i think the company is a joke and are deblierately to drive people away they want to pull the plug on fiesta, so they're making it as crap as possible, congratulations Gamigo you're doing a fantastic job of pushing people away keep it up /s

Personally i gave up when i saw the fact they're failing at keeping promises. The one that really messed me up was the Server Transfer i could have suffered with that but then to increase the salt in the wound by removing the class rebalance ideas from the website - the waypoint website that is.
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Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 7:06am

Common sense is to quit :| unhealthy game
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Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 8:19am

Hey guys,

So, the 50% HP extender (2 hours) has been disabled because it was giving a stack of 20 instead of 1. Due to that, we have replaced this item with the HP+SP+LP Extender (+30%)(2 hours).

Community Manager Fiesta NA & FR


Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 8:38am

This was not an error. They have always given one stack of 20 since they were put into the store. It has been this way for years and years. To get 30 days worth of 2 hour extenders it was still about 3k more SC than a 30 day extender. Which seems about inline with other SC items that are less than 30 days when compared to their main version. These extenders were only cost effective and used by raiders who SC multiple characters and raided daily, the biggest SC spenders in the game. This has upset many super active SC users that have SC'd multiple characters and dumped money into this game month after month for years. Two hour extenders need to be put back into the store. They were the last "good" deal.


Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 9:10am

Hey guys,

So, the 50% HP extender (2 hours) has been disabled because it was giving a stack of 20 instead of 1. Due to that, we have replaced this item with the HP+SP+LP Extender (+30%)(2 hours).

1) Can you actually get someone who competitively raids or even just plays the game to test out the 30% extenders and see if it's useful in any way possible, because I can tell you it's useless.
2) Like Exist stated, it's not a mistake it's always been like that. I've never actually calculated the amount of money it takes to fully sc up a char to raid every month. I think I'm gonna stop spending any money on this game, taking away this deal is the last straw. Roughly $87 per month and they want us to spend another $10 on 30 day extenders that we don't even use most of time, absolutely ridiculous.

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Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 12:00pm

Holding out on exts sales is getting kinda silly, 1 day tradeable 100% exts are selling for 8G+ each on pagel.

30% exts are basically a vit scroll.

3/4s of the servers are graveyards where shelling out for 30 days worth of exts when you'll only use it for 20 minutes for a raid, and then log off, feels really unsatisfying on the customer end. (5-8 hours of use on a 30 day item)

This feedback might just all be for not though. Given gamigo's actions concerning server transfers, they would rather see paying customers quit and find new games then give them a chance to keep playing fiesta.


Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 1:13pm

Early next year


Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 2:09pm

I genuinely believe Gamigo is trying to get all their players to quit LOL.

These extenders have been in the store for years with that price. Buying those is just second nature to us...probably also the only thing in the store that is actually worth what you pay.

Gamigo, do us a favor and sell off your license to a small, indie company that cares for it's players and is looking for those free players head start. Bail on this project. You are killing this game.



Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 5:56pm

^ They've killed the game already. the people playing now are mostly trying to do it sc-less. They've taken advantage of us for SO LONG. And the sad thing is that they wont do anything even through so many people want to play this game; as long as players are heard and actions are taken to respect our wishes and stop making false promises.


Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 6:58pm

OWA at raids now be like:

30% ext

see gamigo, give them there 2 hr 50%
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Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, 6:44am

Idk what else can be said....

It looks that Gamigo is more focused in making the game worse and making players angry than in making the game better and have people come back to the game.

What will be their new brillant idea?
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Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, 10:41am

I and many others rely on 2hr 50% extenders since we don't have the time to play every day and commit to buying 30 day extenders. All raids,
and most upper-level content (non-raids) pretty much require you to be decently SCed. 30% extenders are laughable. As someone who's gone from a moderately hardcore to casual player in recent months, I don't mind buying SC if there are decent options for casual players. However this, coupled with all of the lackluster sales has really driven the nail in the coffin for me personally.

thanks for all the good memories <3
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Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, 12:54pm

I'd very much like for 2hr 50% extenders to make a come back. It's a much better alternative to 30day 50%/100% exts seeing as many players only log on to play maybe 1-2 hour at most. So in a month we use maybe only 30-60hours worth of an extender while the other 6xx hours left gets wasted. Like Exist said, we already spend so much per month already even if we only use "average" sc items, I don't see why 2hr 50% exts can't be offered to us as an alternative to 30day ones, especially for those of us that don't/can't be around enough to make a 30day ext worthwhile. It's bad enough that the sales being put up rarely has a discount of more than 35% these days compared to maybe a year or so, like what happened to the generous discounts of 45% on super bundles? the mega bundles?.. just naming two popular sales I remember people being happy with. Just looks like gamigo is trying to "subtly" raise the cost of playing rather than reduce like a staff said they would. But I suppose that was just said to feed our wishful thinking.


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