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Wednesday, August 21st 2013, 5:54pm

The FONA Weekly: Silverfoxes, Silver Coffers & Silver Tongues - August 21, 2013

Greetings, Isyans!

You may call me Aruming. How would you like to play a little game?

My fellow merchants and I decided to make a small side trip from our usual trade routes for a bit of shore leave. Our homeland is a small island south of Isya, but we sail the world looking for lucrative business opportunities. A Silverfox Clan member must eat, no? We'd never visited the Isyan continent before, so it seemed like the perfect place to make some quick money... I mean, enjoy the sights... hm, yes.

The three of us have set up shop in your quaint hamlet known as Elderine. Our specialty is not just a simple product, no. You see, we deal in entertainment. For just one silver, you can take your chances with the Magic Puzzle game. If you succeed, we will be sure to reward you! Perhaps, after years of traveling, we can even find the destined Puzzle Master.

Ah, what rewards, you ask?
Complete the Slime puzzle for EXP, Damage and Aim boosts.
Complete the Honeying puzzle for Item Drop, Defense and Evasion boosts.
Complete both puzzles in the double challenge for EXP, Item Drop, Movement Speed and HP boosts!

Not enough, you say? Perhaps I could entice you with... special event character titles? Oh no, I think I've said too much already. Xiaoming will get upset if I give away all our secrets, yes.

We apologize for taking up valuable vending space, but business is business, yes? We will leave town soon enough, so we're sure you can spare a few square yards for the entertainment of all. Thank you for understanding.

However, humans are quite the chaotic race, we've noticed. We conduct but a simple business, but disorder has proven inevitable. Turns are not shared, lines are not maintained or respected... perhaps Isyans can prove us wrong?

We'll even sweeten the deal to help things out. Should you succeed at a puzzle while part of a party, all party members will receive the buff that you earned! Recruit the best puzzler among your friends and get their help! As with many deals, though, there is a small catch, yes. Only the Isyan who actually completes the puzzles will be able to earn the special event titles. We (and our empty pockets) wish you luck (but not too much)!

We will begin tonight's maintenance at 10pm PDT (21-Aug). We expect it to last approximately 3 hours, but we'll post an update in the status thread if there are any changes.

Here are the patch notes for this week's maintenance:

- Added the Magic Puzzle event (Limited time only!)
There are three locations total, all in Elderine. Speak with a Silverfox Clan member to begin.

Complete one slide puzzle within 150 seconds or both at once within 300 seconds to receive various buffs.
All players in a party will receive the buff if one member completes a puzzle.
Try to unlock secret character titles with bonus stats!
Note: Each attempt costs one silver.

- Added premium item data

Bugs & Error Fixes:
- Apples, Fine Firewood, Blue Magic Stones, and Covenants of Darkness are no longer bound to either character or account

Extra Notes:
- We recommend moving away from the areas shown in the map above before maintenance. If you are in a puzzle area when we undergo maintenance, you may be temporarily stuck. We will have GMs watching for any such players and quickly moving them.
- During some of our system work, it became necessary to change the location of a slot on the character inventory equip wheel. Premium pants will now be equipped to a slot on the upper right of the wheel instead of lower left. This does not impact your game in any way, but you may need to re-equip your pants.

We'll see you after maintenance!

~ Your Fiesta Team