Level 105 Guide Fiesta Online

Warriors of Isya – prepare to embark on the next stage of your adventure! The forces of Teva have traveled beyond the borders surrounding our familiar land and discovered new territory. Breathtaking landscapes, dark dungeons, and curious creatures await. Are you ready? Fetch your allies, sharpen your sword, and stock up on potions as you prepare to reach the new pinnacle of greatness in Fiesta. Level 105 awaits!

New Gear & Skills

Level 015 Equipment Fiesta Online

Isya’s finest artisans spared no expense with their latest creations. Archers, Clerics, Fighters, and Mages will each find new armor sets and weapons to make them even deadlier forces of righteousness on the battlefield, while all classes have access to new, more powerful skills.

New Maps

Level 105 Maps Fiesta Online

Prepare to explore the newest regions of Isya! The Level 105 expansion features several new zones including the verdant Alberstol Ruins, the expansive Temple of Spirit,and the deadly Swamp of Dawn. Brave adventurers will find additional challenges in Tear’s Marsh, while Isya’s most experienced warriors should head to Abysm Marsh for some intense player-versus-player battles.

New Monsters

Level 105 Monsters Fiesta Online

Menacing Black Bears, Cafty Caiman, and the fierce Fire Taitan are just a few of the new monsters you will find in Fiesta’s latest expansion. Beware the Living Stone and Living Statues guarding the Temple of Spirit! Oh, and don’t forget Phouch. These giant bear-like creatures may look cute and cuddly, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. They pack a punch!