Fiesta FAQ 3

1. What is the Fiesta Online Shop?

The item shop is available for players who wish to purchase premium items for their characters. These include many more customization options, clothing and apparel, mounts, pets, Mini-Houses as well as items to make playing just a little easier such as by protecting your experience points on death, increasing your damage or defense, and improving your luck with the enhancement system.

29. How can I purchase Slime Coins?

Slime Coins can be purchased from the Fiesta Cash Shop. There are a wide range of payment options which, depending on your country of residence, make purchasing Slime Coins both quick and easy.

30. Why have my Slime Coins not been delivered?

Slime Coins usually take less than 1 minute to be delivered, but some payment methods may take longer. If your Slime Coins have not arrived after this time, you should submit a ticket to the Support Team for an investigation into the status of the payment.

31. Can I give Slime Coins or premium items to my friends?

It is possible in Fiesta Online to gift items to your friends from the cash shop, however there are several restrictions upon this system to prevent it being abused. Firstly the donor character must have a character minimum level 30 on their account, and already spent at least €100 in the last 3 months and they can only gift a total of 50% of the total Slime Coins they have spent the last 3 months.

5. How are premium items delivered to my character?

Premium items are delivered in-game to a dedicated inventory located in the bottom right of the normal inventory. This storage has unlimited space and will hold your items until you are ready to use them. Once withdrawn from this inventory items cannot be put back.

6. Why are some items not available any more?

The items available in the item shop are constantly changing to match the seasons and holidays. While some items are available all year round, others are only available for short times, but might one day be back!

7. I bought some items by mistake. What should I do?

If you purchased some premium items you didn’t want and have not yet activated them, you should submit a ticket to the Support Team and they will help resolve the problem.