1. I am new. How do I play?

There is an excellent step-by-step beginner’s guide to Fiesta Online available on the website. It includes help on registration, character creation, the interface and has several tutorials as well.

2. How do I create a character?

The first thing you need to do in Fiesta Online is set up a character. You start with a choice of 5 character classes. Simply click on your chosen class and then you can get on with personalizing your character. You need to choose a name that has not already been taken by another player (and is appropriate for a family game), then you can choose from the available hairstyles!

3. What are the different classes available?

There are five classes in Fiesta Online: Fighter, Archer, Mage, Joker and Cleric. Each class is unique and useful when forming a party in Fiesta. All classes come with inherent advantages and disadvantages. For a full list of details for each class and information about the subclasses they can become later in the game, click here.

4. How can I level up?

You can level up by gaining experience in a large number of ways such as questing, killing monsters and completing kingdom quests. You level up when you meet the required experience for that stage of the game.

New quests are unlocked when you level up, but kingdom quests are available on a timed schedule. Most quests are available at the NPC’s in the major city according to your level.

5. How can I join an academy, guild or party?

It is only possible to join a guild by being invited by either a guild master or a guild administrator. Players are however allowed to join any guild’s academy simply by visiting a guild manager in any city. From here you can communicate with other academy members and the members of the guild, receive rewards for leveling up and possibly graduate to become a member of the guild. Players of any level can create or join a party simply by sending or receiving an invitation to or from another player.

6. How does the wedding system work?

Players are able to marry each other by visiting Dreian Uriel in Elderine. You will require an engagement ring and each a wedding application. These can be purchased from Dreian Uriel or from the cash shop. Once you have proposed to your partner and they have accepted, you should go to Dreian Uriel together and ask her to perform your ceremony. You will have a short time to distribute any invitations you may be given to your friends.

7. How can I trade, buy or sell items?

Using your Mini-House, you are able to open either a purchase or a sale store to buy and sell items. Players will be able to browse your store while it is open. You can encourage this by entering a good slogan above your shop. For direct trading you can send a request to a player nearby and open a shared window into which you can put money or items.

8. How do I use Mini-Houses?

A Mini-House is your own personal, mushroom-shaped house that you can place anywhere to regenerate your health and spirit. You can also enter your Mini-House to explore your own apartment if you have learned how!

9. How can I upgrade my items?

Equipment can be upgraded at a Blacksmith in any city using enhancement stones. These can be purchased from NPC’s or created by players. Higher levels of enhancement require more powerful enhancement stones, which are harder and more expensive to make. Upgrading your equipment increases the amount of damage you inflict and adds a magical effect to your weapon.

10. How do the different PvP areas work?

There are 3 types of PvP areas. The free battle zone is open PvP within certain level ranges. There is no reward for this but it is a great place to practice your skills. The abyss is a PvP-enabled area populated with weaker mobs with high experiences rewards, but there is the constant threat of ambush from other players. Finally the PvP kingdom quest enables players to compete in a battle to decide who is strongest. The more points you earn, the better your reward will be.