1. How do I download Fiesta Online?

The download link for Fiesta Online is available on the homepage or alternatively you can download directly by clicking here.

2. What are the minimum system requirements necessary to play Fiesta Online on my computer?

The minimum system requirements for Fiesta Online can be found here

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Processor (CPU): Pentium 4 – 1.6 GHz (recommended: Pentium 4 – 2.0 GHz)
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB (recommended: 2 GB)
  • HDD Space: 4 GB (recommended: 6 GB)
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce MX (recommended: NVidia GeForce Ti)
  • Drivers: DirectX 9.0c (recommended: DirectX 11)

3. How do I install Fiesta Online?

We created a step-by-step guide here!

4. I tried to install the game on my Mac. Why isn’t it working?

Fiesta Online is not compatible with the Mac Operating System. As listed in the system requirements Fiesta requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 as an operating system.

5. I am new to gamigo. How do I create an account for Fiesta Online?

You can create an account by clicking the “REGISTER” button located at the top of all Fiesta Online website pages. You can visit the home page by clicking here.

6. I already have a gamigo account. How do I create an account for Fiesta Online?

If you already have a gamigo account, you can log in to the gamigo account system (gAS) here. Then click the “Sign up” button next to Fiesta Online and follow the simple on screen instructions to complete your account creation for Fiesta Online.

7. How do I create a forum account for Fiesta Online?

To create a forum account for Fiesta Online, go to the Forum and create a Forum Account. We recommend to use the same character name for forum and in the game.

8. Why is my ID and/or password not working?

The most common reason for an ID and/or password not working is attempting to log in to the game using gamigo Account details rather than Fiesta Online details. Be sure that you are logging in using the correct details.

9. Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

Owning more than one Fiesta Online account is forbidden by the Terms of Service and is punishable by a permanent ban of all accounts.

Fiesta FAQ

10. I am new. How do I play?

There is an excellent step-by-step beginner’s guide to Fiesta Online available on the website. It includes help on registration, character creation, the interface and has several tutorials as well.

11. How do I create a character?

The first thing you need to do in Fiesta Online is set up a character. You start with a choice of 5 character classes. Simply click on your chosen class and then you can get on with personalizing your character. You need to choose a name that has not already been taken by another player (and is appropriate for a family game), then you can choose from the available hairstyles!

12. What are the different classes available?

There are five classes in Fiesta Online: Fighter, Archer, Mage, Joker and Cleric. Each class is unique and useful when forming a party in Fiesta. All classes come with inherent advantages and disadvantages. For a full list of details for each class and information about the subclasses they can become later in the game, click here.

13. How can I level up?

You can level up by gaining experience in a large number of ways such as questing, killing monsters and completing kingdom quests. You level up when you meet the required experience for that stage of the game.

New quests are unlocked when you level up, but kingdom quests are available on a timed schedule. Most quests are available at the NPCs in the major city according to your level.

14. How can I join an academy, guild or party?

It is only possible to join a guild by being invited by either a guild master or a guild administrator. Players are however allowed to join any guild’s academy simply by visiting a guild manager in any city. From here you can communicate with other academy members and the members of the guild, receive rewards for leveling up and possibly graduate to become a member of the guild. Players of any level can create or join a party simply by sending or receiving an invitation to or from another player.

15. How does the wedding system work?

Players are able to marry each other by visiting Dreian Uriel in Elderine. You will require an engagement ring and each a wedding application. These can be purchased from Dreian Uriel or from the cash shop. Once you have proposed to your partner and they have accepted, you should go to Dreian Uriel together and ask her to perform your ceremony. You will have a short time to distribute any invitations you may be given to your friends.

16. How can I trade, buy or sell items?

Using your Mini-House, you are able to open either a purchase or a sale store to buy and sell items. Players will be able to browse your store while it is open. You can encourage this by entering a good slogan above your shop. For direct trading you can send a request to a player nearby and open a shared window into which you can put money or items.

17. How do I use Mini-Houses?

A Mini-House is your own personal, mushroom-shaped house that you can place anywhere to regenerate your health and spirit. You can also enter your Mini-House to explore your own apartment if you have learned how!

18. How can I upgrade my items?

Equipment can be upgraded at a Smith in any city using enhancement stones. These can be purchased from NPCs or created by players. Higher levels of enhancement require more powerful enhancement stones, which are harder and more expensive to make. Upgrading your equipment increases the amount of damage you inflict and adds a magical effect to your weapon.

19. How do the different PvP areas work?

There are 3 types of PvP area. The free battle zone is open PvP within certain level ranges. There is no reward for this but it is a great place to practice your skills. The abyss is a PvP-enabled area populated with weaker mobs with high experiences rewards, but there is the constant threat of ambush from other players. Finally the PvP kingdom quest enables players to compete in a battle to decide who is strongest. The more points you earn, the better your reward will be.

Fiesta FAQ 2

20. After patching I am told that my client has been manipulated. What should I do?

Try closing the client and re-launching it. If this problem occurs again it is possible that while downloading the new patch, your connection was interrupted or unstable and the new files being added to the game were corrupted. In this situation, you should uninstall and delete all Fiesta Online related files and folders from your computer and download a new client from the website. Ensure that your connection is stable before re-patching.

21. What should I do if I receive the message “Connection to servers has failed”?

If you receive this message, the server is currently unavailable. This could be due to maintenance, a patch being applied or due to unforeseen technical issues. Check the forums and other communication channels for a message from the Fiesta Team and try again in a few minutes.

22. What should I do if I receive the message “Connection to login-servers has failed”?

If you receive this message, the server is currently unavailable. This could be due to maintenance, a patch being applied or due to unforeseen technical issues. Check the forums and other communication channels for a message from the Fiesta Team and try again in a few minutes.

23. Why is my ID blocked? What should I do?

If your ID has been blocked, the first thing you should do is check your registered email (and spam box) for an official email from the Fiesta Online team explaining why you have been blocked. If your ID has been blocked and you haven’t been given an official warning or email from the Fiesta Team, it is possible that your account was hacked and subsequently blocked for your safety. Contact the Support Team.

24. I have lag when I play. How can I reduce it?

To reduce lagging, you should close all programs except Fiesta Online. Anything else that is using your internet connection will increase the latency you experience on the server. Using wireless internet (Wi-Fi) often reduces internet speed drastically compared to an ethernet connection.

25. Why am I having connection issues when I try to log on?

If you are having trouble connecting to the game, check if your firewall is blocking Fiesta from accessing the internet. You can also try running Fiesta Online as an administrator and in alternate compatibility modes.

26. What can I update on my computer to make Fiesta run better?

Updating your graphic card with the newest drivers and installing the latest version of DirectX will often resolve many problems you might have with running Fiesta on your computer.

27. What can I do if my character is stuck in the game or I cannot log on?

If you can log on to the game but you character is stuck, whisper a Game Master to ask to be moved. However if you cannot log on to the game you will have to submit a ticket to the Support Team.

Fiesta FAQ 3

28. What is the Fiesta Online shop?

The item shop is available for players who wish to purchase premium items for their characters. These include many more customization options, clothing and apparel, mounts, pets, Mini-Houses as well as items to make playing just a little easier such as by protecting your experience points on death, increasing your damage or defense, and improving your luck with the enhancement system.

29. How can I purchase Slime Coins?

Slime Coins can be purchased from the Fiesta Cash Shop. There are a wide range of payment options which, depending on your country of residence, make purchasing Slime Coins both quick and easy.

30. Why have my Slime Coins not been delivered?

Slime Coins usually take less than 1 minute to be delivered, but some payment methods may take longer. If your Slime Coins have not arrived after this time, you should submit a ticket to the Support Team for an investigation into the status of the payment.

31. Can I give Slime Coins or premium items to my friends?

It is possible in Fiesta Online to gift items to your friends from the cash shop, however there are several restrictions upon this system to prevent it being abused. Firstly the donor character must have a character minimum level 30 on their account, and already spent at least €100 in the last 3 months and they can only gift a total of 50% of the total Slime Coins they have spent the last 3 months.

32. How are premium items delivered to my character?

Premium items are delivered in-game to a dedicated inventory located in the bottom right of the normal inventory. This storage has unlimited space and will hold your items until you are ready to use them. Once withdrawn from this inventory items cannot be put back.

33. Why are some items not available any more?

The items available in the item shop are constantly changing to match the seasons and holidays. While some items are available all year round, others are only available for short times, but might one day be back!

34. I bought some items by mistake. What should I do?

If you purchased some premium items you didn’t want and have not yet activated them, you should submit a ticket to the Support Team and they will help resolve the problem.

Fiesta FAQ 4

35. Who do I contact for issues with account management, billing and payments?

Issues with account management, billing and payments should be sent to the Support Team. Once a ticket has been opened, you will receive prompt feedback with how the issue can best be resolved.

36. What can I do if I have lost my ID or my password and I have access to my email inbox?

If you lose your ID and password, but still have access to the email address that you registered with, just click the “Forgot Password” button on the Account System.

37. What can I do if I have a problem with my account and I have lost my email address?

If you have lost your ID or password and do not have access to the email address you registered with, you will need to contact the Support Team who will provide you with some options for confirming your identity as the account holder and assist you in gaining access to your account.

38. My character was deleted. What should I do?

If your character has been deleted by accident or by someone gaining access to your account, the first thing you should do is change your password so the security is no longer compromised and then send a ticket to the Support Team with the name of the character that was deleted.

39. How do I report a bug that I found in game?

Bugs should be reported on the Fiesta Online forum. Try to include as much detail as possible and always include a screen capture when possible. A Game Master will reply if any additional information is required or forward the bug to the CM if all necessary information is present.

40. I have been insulted or would like to report any other behavior issues in game. What should I do?

There is a team of Game Masters (GMs) who are equipped with both the knowledge and ability to assist players with player dispute issues. All GMs are volunteers working for the benefit of the community in their free time, so are not always available, but when on the server will always be happy to help.

41. How do I delete my account?

If you want to permanently delete your account, you must send a ticket to the Support Team and ask them to remove your account from the system. [CAUTION] This process is permanent.

42. Who do I contract for help, advice, guidance or assistance?

There is a team of Game Masters (GMs) who are equipped with both the knowledge and ability to assist players with help, advice and guidance issues. While a GM will not tell you how to do a quest, they will be able to ensure the quest is working correctly. All GMs are volunteers working for the benefit of the community in their free time, so are not always available, but when on the server will always be happy to help.

In addition, there are many useful player-created guides on the forums.

Fiesta FAQ 6

43. What are the Game Masters and CM?

The Game Master is the direct contact person for problems in the game such as bug reporting and rule violations. Game Masters also assist in the running of events, answer questions from players and moderate the forums. However, Game Masters do not assist players with quests or leveling, nor do they give items or in-game currency to players. The Lead Game Master is the highest authority in-game and is seen as the team leader who is responsible for critical decisions, forwarding bugs, recruiting team members, and forwarding the suggestions and concerns of the community to the Community Manager. The Community Manager is the connection between the Product Manager and the Game Masters who represent the players. The CM takes care of the day-to-day running of the game and ensures the community is satisfied.

44. How can I apply for the Game Master teams?

For information on how to apply to join the Game Master team, check this forum thread.